Telegram Advertisement Bot

Hey guys, I’ve looked on a few places now including this forum but unfortunately couldn’t seem to find a simple advert bot which will post in a list of groups for me and be able to have a description which says something like ‘do not contact this bot, contact @example instead to buy the product in the advertisement’. I want to be able to change the message the bot says when needed as well and put a username and photo for it. I’m currently paying someone $50 a month for a few of these bots but I was thinking that surely it would be easy to figure out how to do this myself but I’ve hit a dead end and just can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Worse, I’m not even sure if something like this requires coding or not. I’ve found every single kind of bot online except the bot I actually need. If anyone could lend me a hand it would be really appreciated.

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You should hire a developer to write a custom script!! I don’t really know if it worth it!! Good Luck

I have tried but it sounds like what I need is a ‘user bot’ haven’t had much luck finding a developer.

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I need an advert bot as well. Would you be willing to connect me with your current supplier?

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I’ve been looking for the same thing. Haven’t been able to find anyone

I’m providing telegram advertisement bots. You can pm me @death_shell