Templates for services

Hello again guys,

Does anyone have templates with prices services they offer, contract agreements would really appreciate a share



I doubt anyone will just hand you stuff like this, one usually works a lot to create their own, but who knows, maybe you get lucky.

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The best I can do is Tree fiddy. I’ve got overhead you know.

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Maybe it’s just me then, but I do often sell my self short. I really need to learn to sell, I’m pretty much a charity…lol!!

I think it would be a great lead magnet for Massplanner sales if you offered something like this

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Well, a lot of things would help, true :slight_smile: but we’re spread thin as it is, can’t provide everything.

Don’t sell yourself short, do a google search for similar services and see how they price their services and what they offer. Before starting anything it’s a good idea to do some proper research into the competition so you know how to proceed.