Temporarily blocked on instagram (phishing)

Two days ago now, I have been locked out of my Instagram account due to “phishing”. I had downloaded a third-party app to view my Instagram activity not knowing its consequences (I’m an idiot) yes, but my account isn’t actually hacked! this happened when I was unfollowing a bunch of people on the third-party app because I was seeing who was not following me back lol. I am logged into my account, however, nothing refreshes when I try to click anything in settings or edit my profile; I will link photos below. And when I try and log into my account on another device, it states that my password is incorrect. Now, the email that is attached to my Instagram account no longer exists as it was made years ago when I was a child. I tried to access my account through Facebook but was unfortunately not linked to my Instagram account nor was my phone number, therefore I have no more options to access my account. I am not sure where or how to reach out to Instagram and I am looking for any type of help, how do i verify my identity??? will this go away over time!!!

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