Temporarily Locked - Issues with reCAPTCHA

Hi to all!

since some weeks our scraper accounts get a lot of temporarily locked.

We notice that Instagram have different ways how you can unlock again your account.

Some times you just need a verify code sendet on your mail or phone.

Some times you need the code and you have to chance the password.

But many times you have to make a reCAPCHA, get a code and change the PW.

At the first reCAPCHA we could handle all with the EB and a desktop Browser (not Mobile Browser).

But since yesterday we have some issues with the reCAPCHA. Its not displayed correctly and I cant see the picture or the text.
This issue is happen on EB (Desktop Browser) and also with the original Instagram App.

Are them some one that have the same issue and how you can fix this Bug that the reCAPCHA is not displayed correctly?

Hope someone can help me with this issue. Thank you.


Having the same issue, tested in multiple devices and browsers, you can see that there’s something wrong in the service, provided by google.

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Try changing your User-Agent for the EB to
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/85.0.4183.83 Safari/537.36 Edg/85.0.564.44

Make sure to kill the EB process before retrying


The issue happens in all browsers, not only in JV, not related with User-Agent.
We tested Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone/iPad.

And you found a solution. We have exactly the same issue but just on Instagram. On all other platforms where the use Google reCAPCHA it works fine. I Think the iFrame or HTML Embedded Code is not correct on Instagram.

How long you think will Instagram need to fix this stupid bug.

I tried it with many User Agent. I Also used this user Agent from my Windows PC form the Mac and it dont work. Also dont work with the original instagram App :frowning:

??? I dont understand.

I have tried to recover a scraper on the phone of a friend yesterday.
The captcha was not displayed correctly so it was not possible to click on the images to complete it.
I don’t know what’s going wrong with IG and captcha thing.

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Can you show us how it looks like on your end?

I haven’t noticed that on my accounts…

Yea that strange also in the original Instagram App is displayed wrong. :-/

Of course. Sorry I dont have a screenshot form the App but a Screenshot form the Mac, Safari Browser.

Its just on German :wink:

We were able to pass the captcha just listening, but not alway works and sometimes the button is disable and you cannot click.

This could be due to a massive wave of people doing the verifications, seems like a google error that cannot keep up with the requests. We need to dig deeper into the code to see if we find some JS errors.

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Today it looks like that all works again. I just don’t get the SMS Code oO?!?!

Changing the IP solves this problem

How many accounts have you used a number in?

Did you use the phone number recently in other verification?

Hi all, does anyone know if this “temporary lock” will end itself in a few days or not.
Because the e-mail they are sending the code is NOT active anymore… I have my password at hand but “temporarily lock” does NOT allow me to log in by my username/pasd and or with my FB account…
Any feedback would highly appreciated.
Thank you

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Captcha is now back to normal for me.

I have the same problem & question. My account hit a temp lock and said it was most likely cause of phishing. My current number and current email is linked to my IG account. I can see that it’s there cause I have my Facebook linked to my Instagram account, but to receive the code IG only gives me the option to send it to an old inactive email and old inactive number. It even lets me change my password while it’s locked but won’t let me log back in cause of the security code

Since when? Some says after 48hours it will unlock our account to proceed with normal log in.

Usually, it takes up to 48 hours, but you never know. Sometimes it takes more even than that.