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We just have to keep in mind how smart AI already has become. And it continues to evolve every day. This fact alone should be enough to make it clear that it won’t get easier.

Great thread, well said Henry!


There has to be a way to keep ahead of AI. The randomness of a user jumping from point to point in IG and liking, going faster then slowing down to take a break. IG can see this, and I believe some the bots can duplicate this. It’s the engagement that you have to spend time on, a bot can’t reply to specific comments…yet.


This is one things that really excites me when working and learning on Instagram Automation - the way how AI works. Thats why I take the “issues” we get everyday very easy now. These problems are just experiences to understand how the whole big game works and will work in the future. I like to be some steps a head with a very excited view on the future, the next 1, 5, 10 years…


This is so true. I can’t count the times I got fucked over just because I got complacent and thought my IG income is stable.

Now I have adopted a different mindset, I constantly testing even though there is no big issues with my strategy. I can tell you that it makes a world of difference ever since I started doing that.


I am wondering, do you guys do the testing yourself or do you have people for that, seems like such a thing is best if you do it yourself right?


It is actually not difficult. All you need is your own database that you feed and strictly noting down everything. By doing so you can find patterns. Doing the analytics by yourself helps to understand what is going on and your brain adapts to think in a different way.

You may need the support of others to get the data though (e.g. scripts, import routines etc.).


Thanks for this post, I must admit this is a big takeaway for me. I will absolutely start experimenting myself as the feeling you get of not knowing sucks.

Relying on others knowledge got me in trouble once. Won’t let it happen again.

Someone I used to hate in my old job always said: “Make as many first mistakes as you want, but never do it twice”. I still don’t like him, but respect him for this.


This whole post honestly made me feel great.
Something that stressed me out was how much I was constantly evolving and changing and then pressuring myself to have it all figured out. For example if I was making new accounts with a safer method I was feeling pressured to re-create hundreds of old accounts (made with old methods) with my new method.
But the REALITY is that I am on track if I am constantly changing and growing and never staying still or allowing myself to get comfortable. I am always improving and maybe I need to take some of the pressure off of myself to have it all figured out and just realize that I will NEVER find a solution that I won’t need to evolve in some way.
Thanks @HenryCooper ! This post was very very reassuring for me!


even non blackhat business can run into problems sometimes.
now people expect blackhat to be free of problems?

lol no. that’s not how mafia works.


Well said. This is too true. I’ve been botting for about 3 years, and this year more than any other, most of my new clients are those that are SWITCHING from other providers because they see/hear that I am head and shoulders better than others. This is due to my knowledge of the systems I use and crushing customer service.


An awesome post my good friend @HenryCooper, as usual :wink:
I’m not even into client management and it gave me some desire to start doing it :smiley:

Instagram Client Management

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right on thanks brethren.


Can you elaborate on this @HenryCooper?


1000% this. Sometimes you are on easy street and sometimes the world is falling apart around you. Its important to keep the mindset when you are in the latter situation at all times.


I think that Henry makes some really great points. One way to think about this though I think is that instead of the window closing and assuming Jarvee or GMT won’t work at some point (it likely may not) is to look to diversify into other things or other lines of products/services. It probably won’t happen this month but you have 6-12 mos to get some other revenue going so you don’t hit a wall.


And just like the stock market - past performance doesn’t guarantee future results!


Great great post.

At the core of this, the nature of humanity comes into play: the principle of least effort.

People are especially good at 2 things: surviving(adapting to the environment around them) and making babies. The first thing is the thing we’re better at, because if we die early, we obviously can’t have babies. The first thing is also a problem: when we deem things safe and comfortable, it’s difficult to escape the matrix of normality. This is what a comfort zone is and where the principle of least effort springs from.

If we wake up in the morning with our coffees and our breakfasts and we round up $2000 from paying clients, do we really want to learn new skills? Not really - we’re comfortable with sitting back on the $2k we made for the day. If anyone challenges us - “fuck you, we got paid!”

The real challenge is adapting. Not just surviving, adapting. And that’s where the principle comes into play - who wants to adapt anyways? I love my life and I got paid - what’s the point?

The reality of the situation is that if you don’t adapt, you will die. If your business doesn’t adapt, it too will die.

The challenge of life isn’t dealing with other people; it’s dealing with ourselves.

Kanye West reflects on this sentiment in All Falls Down

To conclude: rise up against your nature. If you could put the energy you use into being lazy(laziness = being content with your life and your account management skills, in this case), do that. It’s entirely possible. You have the same amount of hours as everyone else on this planet.

As an extra question @HenryCooper , I noticed you tend to look down a bit on the “gurus” of the game. I don’t have an issue with this, because my motto has always been “don’t believe the hype.” I know most of these guru influencers are just basic marketers with a fanbase.

So let me ask: do you recommend reading the “Instagram Manuals” of 2019 to build knowledge? Do you think these books go out of date quickly, since the social media landscape changes so quickly? Or do you recommend the tried and true method of “lurking more” for knowledge? Which do you recommend more?


I think there is no window closing on Jarvee. But your infrastructure costs will go up over time. So if your service/product or whatever you do on Instagram is on a tight budget or your a close on the edge already with your costs, you might get into trouble.


Hmm even when I was new to Instagram I did not read any PDF/Guides or followed any gurus. I am not saying that is THE way to go, but its is ONE of the many ways to go. Best is always to get your hands dirty and learn from every little detail. Failing is also a great way to learn if there is not to many unknown variables in your testing environments.