😨 The core of client management

TL;DR: Do a better job, because botting gets always harder and always have been.

I am writing this - hopefully in the proper category - in the hope that less of you guys will run out of business or will be forced to go out of business, in case your core business is client management.

In the past few weeks, we received a lot of tickets from people doing client management. So I thought it might be worth to write up some texts and give some “insights” or maybe thoughts about what goes wrong and why many go out of business.

Instagram client management is a great entry opportunity for Internet Marketers to get some cash flow going, probably in the same concept as doing SEO, etc. Here is a little problem tho. The majority of the client managers out there think that only because they are running a legal business that only violates TOS of the platform of your choice, that they are in an evergreen-like niche that will not shift its fundamental environmental rules fast.

The fact is tho that even you are running a legit business, your operation to fulfill the service to your clients is as blackhat as it gets. You might think you are doing something “better” than the average dick-pill or dating offer spammer, but in a matter of fact, technically, you are not. People that are into deep blackhat CPA spam - speaking for myself from the past - they buy from hundreds of different proxy providers and hundreds of different account providers to find combinations that work and fit their skills (higher trust score of your setup = fewer troubles).

So if you are not spending all week testing with fresh & aged accounts setting up various tactics and strategies, I would ask yourself the question, what is it you are actually doing? Because from an “adapt and survive” perspective this should be your ongoing job and sooner or later you will hit a really big wall if you do not keep your skills and knowledge on track. Why? Because the knowledge from 7 years ago, 2 months ago has no value. Your knowledge is built upon sand when it comes to Instagram. Every second you do not gain experience with the state of the art issues, you are losing ground and that gap will be so big that your only option is to give away your clients.

You will not believe how many people ask me to take over their clients for a % cut or even just go out of business because we cannot fix their issue within a ticket. Yes, we are here to hold your hand at times, but we are not here to carry you to your goal (to some degree). MPSocial is a great place and community, but you need to get your hand dirty to keep your skills up. Proper testing setups become more and more important. From a proxy provider perspective, I can tell you that even if you give 2 people the same IP address, one guy will struggle, the other will be happy. This should tell you that there is a huge room for improvement that should really be used. Always crawling around on the edge of a soon not be working concept is really risky and should not be done. Have you ever used the words “But x months ago”? If yes you are in the most dangerous demographic of running out of business.

I know this is not always easy and as someone that profiled 300 accounts per day including 2fact per hand in the past I can tell you I did not like it either. But when it comes to those things, especially when you want to stay into business, R&D (Research and Development) plays a really big role. Even if everything runs fine, never let your guard down and setup control accounts to check what is happening to a particular proxy provider or a particular account creation method. Be paranoid! Question everything! If you are in the mindset of everything “everything runs fine”, it should be the most cautious time to question things. When shit hits the fan it might be to late.

When it comes to strategies and concepts, I see a lot of people trying to apply their “old” outdated (yes 2 months or 1 month can already be outdated) concepts on a big pile of accounts and wonder why they die left and right. The longer you are into Internet Marketing the higher your risk is to see yourself on a high horse. Example: You earn 20.000$ monthly from Client Management, why would you go test proxy or account providers on MPSocial / BHW etc? Because that is your job. Even if you have a CTO or some VA / Employees, who you gonna complain to when everything goes to shit? They only do what you tell them. Try to accept not knowing, try to no import 1000 accounts via a csv file for once. Go deep down into the dirt and add that account per hand. Step by step play through all the settings and observe what happens. When you buy 100 accounts. Put 1 unprofiled without actions on a proxy, another one with actions also unprofiled. If those die already, why bother adding 1000 or 10000? You are just wasting money, your time and your emotions on it.

Normally people on the wrong road say or ask things like this:

Can you link me one of the accounts you sell?

The visual appearance of an account or its age has nothing to do with the quality. Literally zero. Especially bruted accounts are getting prepared before they are sold, even if you take a look you would see nothing. You might miss out a lot of great account providers, just because you think your visual checks are gonna do shit.

Are your proxies IPV6 or IPV4?

In that example you are trying to take your bad experience in the past - that did not add anything of value to your experience because your sample size was too small - and apply subjective bias instead of the real objective knowledge. Fuck, I still run some accounts on IPV6 proxies, only because you had a few bad eggs doesn’t mean that the “method” does not work. Test, test and test even more, try to stay away from any bias.

I mentioned the two above questions because those are the ones I have the most “customer” insight on, but hopefully, you can see where I am trying to get. Only because you hurt yourself in a Red Car, it does not mean all Red Cars are bad. It is sometimes not easy to decide what experience we should take on as knowledge and which ones we should let go because they will make us biased. And the skill to differ those two things most likely decides the outcome of your success, both on IM and probably life itself.

Jarvee, other bots, and MPSocial are here for a long time already and they will stay here since they are just the tools/information and not the strategy. But you as a person need to keep your skills up to date for not getting rolled over by the big tech giants. It is probably one of the reasons why I have allergic reactions all over my body when I see people digging into gurus. They do not learn how to dig in the dirt. They want you to keep coming back and staying suckers (those email lists are actually called “sucker-lists” afaik). By falling into this crap you take that fire from you that should motivate you to dig, going through all the data yourself, etc. If we use an inception movie reference: A thought can be dangerous. Reading a course or following someone blind can be dangerous. It might lead you to a certain mindset that makes things harder for you: More reading, less doing. Stay away from that is all I can recommend.

I hope I was able to open some eyes and if not, thanks for reading.



Practitioners always win


Great post can’t like (out of likes) so i send you a :heart:


Wait! can this ever happen???


Everything will not be fine forever


Well said. I took a break for a few months and am behind the curve and learning all the new issues. Checking in every 6-9 months and only when you have a problem will not get you ahead.


this right here, when people do the same over and over without adaption – people get depressed – lives are impacted for worse( mood spells, lack of sleep, self doubt etc). One must reinvent nearly daily different ways – techniques - tools to survive. Excellent thread!


THANK YOU! We have a serious problem today with people expecting everything to be so easy. Never interested nor willing to put in the work. Everything might change tomorrow, and the best way to prepare for that is to acknowledge it, get ready and adapt once it does.

But it’s not just IG. The way people consume content and use the platforms also changes, and often the changes to the platform comes as a consequence of consumer changes. Our currency is attention and we must learn to use the platforms to the best of our ability to capture and keep it.


Thanks for this.
I wrote a tutorial on this forum March 2nd, already much of it is out of date.

Change is the only constant.


This is absolute FIRE. Thanks @HenryCooper


Reminds me a bit of the gold digging in New Zealand. In the beginning it was easy for everybody. Then people thought: “Ooooh I just need to buy a shovel and some other tools and I will be rich quick.”. Well in the beginning this was probably true. But in the long run the only ones who actually made money with gold digging were the Chinese.

You know why?

They cooperated, shared their tools, their knowledge and they worked hard to find every single spot where there were nuggets. They never could rely on a single spot and had to constantly search new spots. It was a bit like in the book “who moved my cheese” (hope somebody of you know this masterpiece of a book).

Great thing about this forum is that people share their knowledge and help each other out. Of course you need to work/test hard to separate the fake from the real. But only by actually investing your own energy you can thrive together with your tribe. No different from the gold diggers in New Zealand.

Of course it is always way easier to blame the shovel why you have not found the gold mine…

Just my 2 cents…

Last but not least: Thank you for this brilliant post @HenryCooper --> KUDOS


I always say test, test, test (this is where I am right) until you find what works with you, then stick to that and scale (this is where I am kinda wrong)… Keep testing!!!

Thanks for opening my eyes @HenryCooper, bookmarked, hell, printed out glued to my door…


Awesome insight, thank you for this :sunglasses:


what does a ‘bruted’ account mean?


Great information…hopefully some of the people who don’t try to keep their skills sharp will take the time to read it.


Absolutely gut wrenching post but reality hurts. This is not a game for the weak - and even if you think you’re the strong, it’ll test you to the core of your being


Hacked or otherwise not created.


Thanks for taking the time to share all of this!


Appreciate this post, the absolute truth.


I think the TLDR of this post should be that it is natural selection… those who will/can adapt with the environment will survive and those who cant will die