😨 The core of client management


Preach it! Always quality content and this is no different. I literary live by the adapt & conquer philosophy. Thank you so much!


Don’t waste your time with books, the only place where you can find up to date info about the inner workings of Instagram is on the platform itself.

It always amazes me how detached from the app most “managers” are, which is why they lag behind the curve and are unaware of the culture.

I don’t even know how to make this more clear. It’s like going into sports betting having not watched a single match in 10 years.


I hope you’re right. So you see just increased costs? Mainly in more expensive proxies and more management time with PVs? Anything I’m missing?


More expensive proxies and more expensive phone numbers are the best case scenario.
If that’s what you’re preparing for, you’re in for a world of pain.

IG has been going uphill since it launched. Be ready for when growth tanks and Facebook is forced to push their paid ads even more than they currently are. When organic reach is brutally capped like they did with their original platform.

Honestly be ready for IG not being part of the culture, that’s where it’s headed.


Amen. There is so much fraud in the entrepreneurship culture right now. I’m sick of the gurus and entrepreneurs who just tell other entrepreneurs how to be entrepreneurs.


What about an entrepreneur that teaches entrepreneurs how to be entrepreneurs, while also entrepreneuring?




I think that’s way different - especially those that are into teaching without profiting directly from it. For example in this case, I think of one of my undergrad b-school professors who was the “entrepreneur in residence”. He simply taught for fun on a pro-bono basis. He often preached about starting a business that provided recurring revenue with low overhead and the need for few employees. He had started a large billboard business, which in many ways is the old school equivalent of what we do. I have tons of respect for him as his one course more than paid for my education all together.


You are missing a lot. There will always be a “JARVEE” even if it’s not this one. There will always be ways of accessing platforms etc.

What happens is people get complacent as @nephilim_aura said. Shit, I got complacent, now I’m playing catch up. I see it around the forum all the time. Everything is fine for 6 months and the forum is quiet. Get a small issue and people come out of the woodwork and my inbox is full.

Those that have the money, time, and dedication will always be ahead. You have to be constantly testing, investing, trying new methods, trying new platforms. Everyone here is so focused on IG. What happens if Zuckerberg kills IG on a whim? What are you left with? 10,000 useless bots and proxies?

There will always be ways and methods. Some people diss spamming (I may talk poorly about it myself) but they have some of the best and most creative methods out there.

“if you get a tough job, one that is hard, and you haven’t got a way to make it easy, put a lazy man on it, and after 10 days he will have an easy way to do it, and you perfect that way and you will have it in pretty good shape”


I think Bill Gates has a quote on wanting to hire lazy people over “hard workers” because lazy people will get a hard job done, easily.


When I started here years ago I knew one thing." I didn’t know crap" Fast forward today. Still learning as the techniques that worked yesterday while sound must be adapted to today. I spent many nights reading the hell out of the tutorials here and applied many. I failed on many just from lack of knowledge and hungry for growth. That was then, this is now. I still am learning and adapting with a little wisdom to base actions from. New ways of using the same stuff - shoutouts, posts, ER, dm/eg groups and such. Just as you folks I still get depressed and exited about his or that on growth and ER – It does not get easier mentally trust me. It still effects my insides. Days I feel down – even with all my accounts and followers I still need to remember one thing – move ahead, move one step forward even if feel like quiting ( we are human after all) move today – there is a tomorrow and new cycles.
In a nutshell, this game changes rules nearly weekly and we must be adaptable to it. We are never ready – it sucks waking up with nearly all accounts in PV/EV, like/follow blocks -
Move on and take one step forward cuase if you don’t, you will never take another step again.


Wow it’s crazy to here someone with so much knowledge admitting that the started with “I didn’t know crap.” I actually look up to you @Alexnvo and I started from similar roots too:

Found a Reddit thread describing how to grow Instagram accounts(post a few times a day, like and follow the right people), tested that while I was doing a part-time gig, and it worked. And I had success.

Then my buddy came up with a neat idea to sell jewelry in town to the kids. So we did that - same idea - started an Instagram account, grew it. It didn’t have a lot of followers but I remember some days at noon, we’d open up the inbox and see a full load of unread messages - people that heard about us that were trying to buy jewelry in town. That’s when I realized Instagram has a lot of money flowing through it.

It all started from this 1 basic Reddit thread that gave me a general idea of how to build something. It all started from a dream - “I want this.” And I got it. All it took was hard work - harder than what I’m doing now.

Nowadays it’s a different form of work. It’s no longer “will this work?” but “will this work effectively?” and “is this sustainable?” And adaptation is at the root of those questions.


Confirm, running ipv6 very well!!


Love this whole mindset! This is why I’m here to begin with and not collecting my nice paycheck from a big corporation (which is always there for me if I wanted it). I’m here for the struggle and the process just as much as I am for the payday. If you don’t enjoy it enough to spend the hours to be great at what you do, then why are you here at all?


If some of you are overwhelmed by Internet Marketing or want to give up, remember, everything starts somewhere and progress needs time. And in my view success is defined how far your managed to go from your starting point, not by how much money you make. Thankfully happiness is a subjective feeling, relative to our environment and progress.

Here is my old journey thread from BHW:

Yes I started with Porn-Reuploading.


I was shocked to see that Henry got started around the same time. But he focused and I did not.

It’s a good thread. Thanks for sharing it!


I haven’t read a motivate post for a long time, tks so much @HenryCooper.
I am from Asia, it’s so a little bit hard to understand what the native speakers talk. But I am going to try to learn everything. Especially in Language and Digital Marketing. I really want to make the businesses automatically (my Passion) and I dropped out of my University to follow and do it every day.
Now, I am a Digital Nomad, I travel around and work as well, have some passive income.
I hope that I can learn many things from MPsocial and contribute my knowledge to everyone.


Welcome! We are glad you are here!


I dropped out of College (US) / Gymnasium (DE), roughly 1.5 years before university start :slight_smile:


yup, can confirm :unamused: