😨 The core of client management

with all this chaos going on past 2 months
people shouldnt forget about this thread
should read it as a motivational speech every week

focus on what matters the most! and keep your heads up

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real value , this shit will never be outdated you hit the deep bottom of everyone whos running after quick and easy bucks

Thanks for the input Henry. Times do change fast.

This is all well and good but after nearly 3 months… of not bringing in new clients (because how can I feel good about charging new clients when I don’t know how things will run), and pushing back the renewal dates of my current clients (because my service has been so up and down and I can’t offer the same numbers as before), and spending all my time researching and improving (and there are always new things to try and test)… I don’t feel like I’m in any better a position than 3 months ago and I’ve no income to show for all the hard work.

Yes half my clients are growing ‘ok’ but half I can’t get past action blocks after only a few follows… and yea you can say proxies matter but I’ve tried HC mobile proxies and other providers too it doesn’t seem to make a difference… and yes settings matter but I’ve also tried SO many options with that too.

I’m not after quick and easy bucks, this was my whole business and one that I really enjoyed working on and figuring out. I’m actually a developer and built my own software based off another… but I’m well past the point where I can’t afford to continue investing my time for nothing! :frowning:

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I’m not in the 20% but very close, I know I like to study a lot, different things, which is good, but I need to be more practical, myself I have 2 jobs, photography and software engineer and for the last months learning tons on social media. I don’t have much hours left per day I sleep 4-5 hour only and with all the traveling I must do I try to study on the planes, and will move some tools to VPS to be able to test things during my trips as well.

I think the idea isn’t to promise the same results as before. You just need to be honest and explain it to your clients. Its not really your fault that your services isn’t up to standard its Instagram changing things and your clients will understand that.

Just give them realistic numbers and be honest with hows it going and find alternative ways to bring more results for your clients. I’m positive they’ll understand :wink:

Remember its not you vs. the client, its you and the client vs. Instagram


@Lea I used to provide 800+ new followers per month. Now I tell clients it’s going to be 300+ new followers per month. I explain to them that IG has cracked down on automation, but we can still grow and create brand awareness. All of them are understanding and have stayed with me.

And I’m still taking on new clients. Just run them. If we get AC’s and 3 to 7 day blocks, oh well. I’d rather go down in a blaze of AC’s and day blocks than whimper away bleeding my existing clients.


Totally agree with your post. That is exactly my attitude towards the current situation. And I think it’s important to point out what you said:

Now I tell clients it’s going to be 300+ new followers per month. I explain to them that IG has cracked down on automation, but we can still grow and create brand awareness. All of them are understanding and have stayed with me.

I think that’s the key to everything right now, control customer expectation.

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You must be having some really tolerant clients who are willing to pay for your service to get 200-300 followers per month. Most of the people i work with and some of them for a long time not want to hear about service unless they will get at least 1k monthly + big % of these followers must be good and not some junk accounts. But its very risky if people are getting ACs / blocks and you guys still ignore that…

This will probably surprise you even more: I charge $180 to $300 per month for just growth. And I quote 300+ new followers per month, but usually deliver 400 to 600, sometimes up to 800 for good content clients.

RE your clients expectations: Where else they gonna go to get 1K monthly new followers? Not many services can provide that consistently in this landscape.

RE AC/blocks being risky: scared money never made money. We always new automation was risky. Why stop now?


in a few more months – those expectations will slap them in the face as their accounts get hit hard with blocks/bans. Many are now feeling the hammer and losing followers. I think in about 5-7 months, those who expect 1k per month will either leave insta or be singing joy when they can grow at all with hundreds per month. The services that are able to deliver 1k or more, well, they will charge more. much more.

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Honestly, I don’t know why I’m trying encourage people to keep going or to give my positive mental attitude about my business… everybody who doesn’t want to continue doing this should just stop. Not because I’d say something dorky like “more clients for us” but because this was the result IG wanted, for people to stop.


Because you care that’s why


Well man you are very lucky then to work with such clients i wish i had them too. I agree many will leave clients and service providers if instagram continue pushing this security even more. Maybe you can convince people to trust you to risk their accounts for few hundred followers, most of my clients got very scared after they got blocks and can’t use accounts at all. You can be sales professional or i dont know what but its not easy to explain them unless you lie nothing bad will happen to their accs, but in that case of any unpredictable problem you will be responsible.

yeah maybe it’s time to fold up shop huh

The strength of your business depends on the strength of your relationships with your customers.

Sure - everyone is having a hard time right now, and while some may not be happy with the results right now, I suggest you find other ways to create value instead so you can keep your customers for the long term.

The longer you survive, the easier staying in business and growing your business becomes.

If a customer isn’t happy with what’s going on with IG and with what you may or may not be able to do for them right now, talk with them more about other areas of their business.

  • Maybe you can help them boost their Google Reviews

  • Offer to take on their LinkedIn or Pinterest accounts - which you can easily do through Jarvee.

  • Maybe you talk with them about how they host their website. You may have unlimited hosting and could offer them to host their website on your server for free or at no additional charge.

You have LOTS of tools at your disposal. Get creative.



Resurfacing this thread because it is a good read- thank you @HenryCooper

“Reading a course or following someone blind can be dangerous. It might lead you to a certain mindset that makes things harder for you: More reading, less doing.”



I do have good relation with clients but they want to boost IG not LinkedIn or Google reviews thats different niche and business for which customers are not interested. And last night seems to be some new wave of acc blocks for watching stories…Its time they patch this method too and we can say game over. I dont know who is tough and what you or some will do maybe keep trying but be sure you cant win this game. I probably wont waste my time anymore waiting some miracle update especially after i lost many clients there are many other ways to earn online, but this woth Ig was really easy money for many years.

@iki If you stop thinking in “methods” and think more about what your clients want and how you can achieve it for them, you might have an easier time. Nobody wants a big Instagram account or a lot of followers. They want Fame, Prestige, Money, etc.

And Instagram - or in your situation those mentioned methods - is not the only way to achieve those things. That is why @intothenight mentioned the relationship with the client/customer. They will only go into unknown directions with you if they trust your judgement. Once they do trust your judgement and your expertise they will be more willing to go and tap new waters with you, as a client.