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Print and hang in the office! Thanks a lot @HenryCooper


Thank you for posting this @HenryCooper.

It was very important for me to read as I deep dive into a new project and recommit myself to better practices.

I’m thankful for the help and wisdom.



Thank you @HenryCooper for posting this.

This is really worth reading. I appreciate :slight_smile:


Just came across this, thanks for the write up @HenryCooper TEST TEST TEST and don’t become stagnant with knowledge YES SIR!


Thanks Henry ! :heart:I think that this post has opened many of us eyes​:eyes:


Great guide with a lot of motivation thank you :innocent:


thank you for the effort.

That’s what happend


Seriously, what are you writing there totally make sense for me.
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Thank you very much, man! Good things you said here. People should really consider at least half of the stuff you wrote!


As you said its same concept as Seo i have been doing Seo since 2011 im used to to play with the algorithms ,you always Gotta keep up with the updates squeeze it and scale it But don’t forget to respect the limits and test regularly so you won’t be left behind when an update hits you’ll know whats happening and what to do
my advice is Test ,Test and test .
keep learning even from new comers they will remind you of the basic things you might Be forgotten about

thanks for taking the time to write this golden article that is filled with advice’s and golden notes!


Wow this was one of the best reading I’ve had last year so far, I can’t agree more! Thank you for your time and effort.


@HenryCooper Thank you for these important ideas


How can I differentiate ipv6 from ipv4?


Thanks for this EYE-OPENER. It was worth reading. I am 100% guilty of this and I will make sure I keep testing ever when things look fine and cozy.


Two things mainly: Price (1/10 of normal IPv4 proxy) and length of the IP address. Try google, you’ll find an answer for it fast