The Customer Value Journey

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I am currently taking an online business course and I learned a few tricks that you can apply in any online business, but for this topic I will talk about Instagram management.

The more attention that you can get, the more people you can allow to enter into this customer journey and build a relationship with you.

Okay, so first is getting awareness

1. Aware

And by the way this process is kind of similar to dating. You got to get clear about who that person is and you have to put yourself out there to get awareness, there is no relationship that can ever happen without first getting their awareness

2. Engage

Engage with them or have them engage with you! The besst way is : content, ads, blogs, stories , fabeook… be creative provide value and content


From there I offer people a 3 day free trial, 7 days free trial. You give them something for free with high value could be anything but for this example I will tell what i’m doing in this business. So the only way you can give somebody a free trial you need to have their attention/awareness you have to get them consume your content and now they are really warmed up and they will want your free trial/offer and be a subscriber


After the free trial I always offer 2 options : if they want to continue for 15 days or 30 days. 95% of the time they loved the free trial and will continue. Again is only a little product not expensive because I will get them excited and convert them later. They where a total stranger and now a costumer.


The next step is to excite them, you want your customer to have that AHHH HA moment.They come to this realisation because of what you provide to them for a little cost. The way I talk to the client, I make him understand 2-3 things. Often the customers have been doing the follow/ unfollow and all actions manually. By taking my service it costs them less than 3$ per day and it easily saves them 3-4 hours daily considering the work done by my service. Then they understand that their time is worth more than 50 cents an hour and everything is done automatically and above all they can put their efforts on their real priorities.


Then I have a core offer for my product and some upsells about the same product with different options.


I’m talking about it unconsciously in my other topic : Here

When your customers are so satisfied and happy with your service, they will start talking about it to their friends/audience. You can offer them 7 extra days free when their friends subscribe to your service. You hardly need to go through the other steps because your customers will do everything themselves. If your friend tells you to try something you will trust them and try it without even asking 100 questions. Here are some tips for each step of your relationship with your customers, I can also learn each step precisely if I see a request, but for this subject I keep it more vague and short so that everyone can benefit from it :slight_smile:


Great tips and instructions my friend, I am really thankful for these informations.

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Thanks for the tips! It’s always good to be able to compare what you’re doing now with successful strategies and route-maps like this.

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Great stuff @Sebastien_Hamel :slight_smile: I appreciate that you shared this with us and I can agree with you. Don’t know the process in theory, but I think I apply most of these points in my business. Satisfied and happy customers are gold and it’s worth the effort.

Thank you for sharing :pray: very much appreciated :pray: