How I got my first 50 clients

Hello everybody :slight_smile: in this topic I will tell you exactly how I managed to find my first 50 clients without putting any money in ads, only with a structure and my time!

Before charging people for your service I advise you to master it! Before June 1, 2019 I had hundreds of clients and as you all know from one day to the next everything collapsed. Basically after trying everything I decided to stop my service because I didn’t feel good about charging people with the few results I was bringing after the big change in June. So all this to say that before I started charging again is when I felt comfortable with the results I was seeing with my accounts, not to mention that I read hours and hours on this blog that I love, I listened to videos studying the algorithm and especially I did thousands of tests with my own accounts. (My main language is french i’m trying to express myself the best I can)

So for those of you who were in my situation, to start with I would tell you to contact your older clients, if like me you were honest and stopped by telling them the reason, they will jump at the opportunity to take over your services again.

For those who see results on their accounts and are ready to charge people here are some really simple little tricks! Don’t judge my ideas (they are simple), because often you make things complicated for absolutely nothing and you suffer failures and you feel bad because you think it’s complicated.

1- Start with your friends.

Start with your friends, charge them a small fee to cover the cost of proxies, time and software.

Usually we have 5 friends ready to help us and in return we increase their personal GIs and often our friends have business IG.

2- Create an Instagram for your service.

Create an Instagram for your service and create a fairly simple feed that explains your service your prices and go target people. For my part my service is called Proboost, on IG it’s proboost.mtl and my personal account is sebastien.edm

What I do differently I make the experience more personal! In my business pro boost account I talk about myself so people associate my service with a person like everyone else. As you don’t have many customers, you have to put your name at the beginning to create trust with people. (what I was doing at first)

I stay in Montreal so my target customers are mostly French so for now I focus on this language, I leave you here pictures of my brand pro boost that I made myself quite quickly on photoshop (Canva works very well too and it’s free).

To give you some ideas


As you don’t have many customers, you have to put your name at the beginning to create trust with people. (what I was doing at first)

When you have your feed, with your price descriptions start targeting people with JV! In the beginning interested people contacted me through DM and I offered them a free 3 day trial! Then I would ask for their email and send them a message that I copy and paste so that the customer could reply and get an idea of what audience they are targeting. In the email I include a presentation + a quick how it works + the prices per month +privacy notice and more . 90% of people who try a 3-day continuous for 1 month.

I’ll leave a screen shot of my presentation to give you more ideas :slight_smile:

**Don’t worry every client in the presentation agreed to have them posted on the site, in stories and in publications.

all these clients are real results!

3- Use your customers to promote your service through their audience.

I created IG stories that fit with my branding to constantly promote my services on my personal IG (sebastien.edm). In addition, I give the choice to my clients to post also the story and each person who takes 1 month in their audience I add 7 days free to the account.

I have stories that give free 3 day trials, I have other stories in Q&A style that answer the most asked questions! It’s just a few simple ideas that cost nothing, and when a customer is satisfied with your service he will talk about it in a good way and intrigued his entourage.

Example of stories:


I have 15 more but you get the idea haha :slight_smile: Every time a customer asks me a new question I write it down and add it in the Q&A tab so I send a future customer to go see the tab and he’ll have all the answers he needs.

Here are 3 simple steps to build customers quickly and without spending money. I’m very aware that there are other methods but I’m talking about my own, I know there are better methods and ideas so feel free to write your ideas here, my goal is to simply help because if I’ve managed to amass hundreds of customers you are capable. Take advantage of it because we can do a lot of action and the results are incredible right now.

Before I forget, every 2 weeks I follow up with clients to see how they like it, if there is anything I can improve! Keeping in touch and listening to customers = success. I know I don’t mention how I proceed for the payments, which proxy I use, the actions I do but I’ve already done 2 topics about it and 1 that earned me the second place in 🏆 Winners of the Spring MPSocial Giveaway 2020 ! Again thanks for the Giveaway @Johnny @Stiletto @Adnan

For my part I’ve teamed up with a guy who’s finalizing my website, with my branding, a client space where everything will be in the site, to reach other types of audiences and especially to grow across the province where I live! because at the beginning remember I started with :

1-My close friends
2-People with proboost + JV via Instagram
3-The people who follow me on IG + my promotions
4-The audience of my clients through the stories in exchange for adding a week to each person who takes my services.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my topic I really appreciate it! We are here to help each other so don’t hesitate to put your ideas and for those who are even further away to guide me towards a better expansion.


Great value, Thanks for the share Sebastien!


Thanks for sharing your strategy.
I’m sincerely glad you managed to recover after May 2019th.

This is a really good tip. 7 days doesn’t cost you a thing, they’ll still pay next month, you just delayed a payment a little bit, but the exposure you get from them can bring you dozen of clients. I like this. Very much :smiley:


A lot of value here, great job @Sebastien_Hamel!


This has so much value!! great job.


Thanks a lot bro. Someone is sharing how to get some clients after long time! :boom: :boom:

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Great shares as usual !

I can remember that you are using residential proxies which reduces the cost of automation a lot. Have you tested to increase your prices though? $40 for a month is not expensive at all.

What type of growth are you offering for this price?

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Great share! thank you!

Did you also explain to your clients in your first email about the risk of using automation?
I’m wondering if you’ve ever lost a client’s account because of IG ban and how you’ve dealt with the client if it happened.

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Yes I have been using residential proxies without any problem for months, the cost per account is about 5$.

That being said, the prices you see were only for my 150 current customers. Now I will charge more and change the prices when my site will be finished within 2 weeks :slight_smile:

I’ve improved in a short period of time and no customer complains about the performance especially at the rates I was charging.

I always tell them everything! That it’s automated, but watched under and controlled by me. Also I tell them before even starting what to do if they see AC’s message (and not to panic) the risks of blockages if they do too much action then often when it happens they feel bad because it is often them who follow and like without realizing it. Also in 3 years I have never had any banned customers but I still leave them the written contract if the worst happens.


Thanks for the guide, Sebastien. Great job :wink:

I have two questions.

  1. Do you think is it effective to give promised numbers like (300-400 or 600-700 New Followers Monthly ) to onboard new clients? Do you make this?

I know business pages don’t care so much about numbers but it is important for personal accounts.

  1. How many new followers do they gain per month with your service?

Thank you

with pleasure :slight_smile:

I say that on average a customer gets between 5 and 50 followers per day, the variables being the quality of the content, the bio, their commitment, frequency of publication etc. I guarantee no minimum per month but I satisfy the customer.

The average for April was about 550 follow backs.

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How much are you charging?

For now is 49,99 per month

Wow that is cheap especially because its not cheap to live in MTL.

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Hi there, just a few questions:

  • do you ever meet with your clients or go on a video call with them?

  • should I promise my clients a minimum follower increase per month?

  • what do you recommend I price my services when I first start?

  • and do you recommend i grow my accounts big first or is it enough I gave grown 3 accounts to 2k in the last two weeks (from scratch)

Thanks! That’s great! Do you use night mode in Jarvee and tell your clients not to use their accounts outside the night mode? or do you tell them to log out from their accounts and not use their accounts at all? for some clients doing actions manually can’t be avoided.

Yeah it’s expensif ! for the last few months I’ve been living like a monk.

The quarantine has made me simple I eat, find customers and work out in my home gym and I read haha.

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Hi Young!

-No for my customers who pay 49.99 I only talk to them by e-mail twice a month. I have a few higher paying customers who refer a lot of people to me so I take the time to follow up with a call.

-If you feel at ease you can give them a number, but I don’t give anything unless the customer asks, I give him an approximate number. I prefer to make them understand that we are going to work on the long term and create a quality audience, and not on the short term.

-There are so many variations on your price, but as long as you cover your monthly expenses and your time I think you can start with that and charge more and more with experience. Because yes I can charge a little but I don’t put 50 hours a week on the clients. I go methodically 3 times a day.

-Wow 3k in 2 weeks, write me in private I’d like to know what you did :slight_smile:


I categorize my clients into 2 groups

Those who are constantly on their cell phone so personal accounts and business accounts which are the secondary accounts and less used. In the first case I do the follow between midnight and 8am, for business accounts I often have the field free so I do not put the night mode.