The qwestion about SmsPva service

Hi. I have to push forward the service smspva ( Its providing a phone number you can send any SMS on and get a text of it. But I don`t know what correct name for such services. What kind of service is it? Thanks.

I really dont understand your question:)

You mean just the ‘‘Phone verification service’’?

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Thanks. No, it is not verification. They are cell virtual phone nombers for sms social nets registration.

So what do you mean then? Please explain a bit more.

Thanks a lot for atention to this problem. The “smspva” may be used for virification of nombers but itself is something another. I dont know what name is exact for such service.

If somebody sells numbers for VA & sells accounts - what is his name?

Sells numbers dor VA??? VA stands for virtual assistent…

Come one, you want answers and help? We cant help, as you can see nobody answered, if you post things like this. I still cant understand what you mean!!!

Sorry, I probably use wrong terminology (. Verification of acounts - it is “VA” or not?

No. It’s Virtual Assistant.

But you can use the search function here and you will find a lot of these kind of services. You can find some names and ideashow they called it.

Start here:

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Thanks a lot! ))