The sky isn't falling, calm down

Dear New Members,

The sky isn’t falling, calm down. We run into issues all the time and overcome them. Also please search for your issue before making the 100th thread we’ve seen on it.

Literally everyone who’s been around for more than a few months.


+1 for this one. Tomorrow we’ll be smarter…

New members: also consider reading this


As a follow up on what @Connor_Lipke said, I would add this:

– DO NOT go changing settings, proxies, providers, etc in the middle of what you think its a crisis. Especially on an account you cannot afford to lose.

Always have a few test accounts that you don’t care for and go nuts on them if needed.

Switching things around because you saw a random person on the forum say X works for them can only lead to bad things for your account. After every major issue, and I do mean every, people come back and start opening the “I got banned and have no idea why thread”.

Be smart, be safe, wait it out.


I will add, stop the affected accs, Clean Queue, so you don’t keep doing calls which will cause PVAs in the next days.

They’re just adding/working/updating/testing things and limiting servers over-loading.

Be Warrior.


And go take some online course in your free time tonight:)