The ultimate guide to manage multiple Reddit accounts and earn $

Hi, as some of you know already as I mentioned it in my introduction post, I plan to sell my services here on MPSocial in the future and reddit accounts going to be a part of this services. This guide is not a “secret” formula but, a simple, effective way to generate income. I won’t discuss about specific method. this guide is more about guidelines that will lead you to successes on Reddit. a few Technical parts will be discussed too.

as a seller on MPSocial I believe that selling accounts is not enough ; If I am selling them I should explain how to use them properly so our clients will be able to execute their operations for long time and stay under the spam radar.

Today, I will discuss about the to DO and DONT do of Reddit. simple terms that should be followed by anyone who want to keep their Reddit accounts for long term and reduce their expenses on re-investing and buying Reddit accounts again, and again.

Step 1 - Engage and provide value

If you are not experienced with reddit and decided to start promoting your offers/aff links on their platform you might be too excited because you already heard that people are able to generate huge amount of $ using Reddit to push their affiliate links.

However, the problem with Reddit is that users are more clever then ; Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest or any other platform that you have been dealing with. means ; you should come with a proper mind-set. what should you do? first, focus on providing value and engage with the community within your niche.

I know that you have no patience to engage in discussions and you are just thinking about generating a quick buck but, soon as you engage with them you will have a better direction on how to provide actual, real value and a good advice.

Step 2 - Ask questions

You have a winning offer, and you have a landing page. but, you have no idea how to represent it so you won’t be recognized as a spammer.
Well, there is a simple solution. ASK questions within the sub-reddit of your niche. Yes, it is sounds generic yet, this is the way to go. know your audience - understand their needs and act as the one who should help them get what they want.

Step 3 - Avoid being in a rush at any cost

Avoid being in a rush means, in simple terms : first listen, secondly : pitch your offer.
Being a bad service provider is the opposite : First pitch your offer, then listen. (DONT)

Step 4 : Study your sub-reddit

Study your sub-reddit. Instead of scrolling Instagram and Tiktok models in your free time ; scroll your sub-reddit niche.
Feed your mind with the right information so you will be able to execute the right operation to pitch your offer. knowledge about your audience needs and way of thinking might benefit you like you could not imagine.

Multiple Account Management

If you have been reading until here ; you probably understand what is the basic to keep your accounts lasting for long.
even if you have the ultimate setup like Residential proxies and HQ fingerprints you will get the hammer if you are a spammer.

Step 1 : Find a reliable proxy provider

Your account score are usually determined at the creation part.

what that means? if you are creating your accounts with datacenter IPs your accounts might last, but not for too long because those DC IPs are already abused and… usually, platforms like Reddit,Facebook are keeping a record of those IPs so they can detect potential spam accounts.

with that being said, the best solution is to create your accounts on a trusted residential IP address. you can find multiple providers in MPSocial marketplace section.

Step 2 : Fingerprints

Use a custom fingerprint to create each account. custom fingerprint mean’s - unique cookies, browsing history, device ID, etc.
There is a list of public User-agents ; those won’t do the job but you can get the idea here about what is it a unique fingerprint.

Step 3 : Warming up your Reddit accounts

You have a browser fingerprint and residential IP, your account is ready ; now what?
As discussed before, I won’t suggest being in a rush. let the account sit in there for a day or two and then get back to it, make a 1-2 random posts without any intention to generate profit but more to get familiar with the algorithm.

Step 4 : Building your Karma

Reddit karma score has been put in place to recognize users that are less or more providing value to the community. what do you mean value?

As long as you can post content that entertain the reddit community and get engagements you are considered as a value provider. the easiest way to being recognized as a value provider is to simply post photos of celebrities on generic sub-reddits so you can get INSTANT karma points.

Step 5 : Control all of your Reddit accounts from 1 Dashboard

There are tools like ; Jarvee, Linken spehere, Multilogin and so on to manage multiple accounts from 1 dashboard.
Those tools might give you the advantage to manage multiple Reddit accounts and setting up a unique fingerprint pretty much automatically.


great share thank you Accshub :+1: :+1:

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Thanks for these informations @Accshub. I hope we’ll get more similar insights from you regarding Reddit in the future :slight_smile:

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Great share, thanks for sharing this with the MP community

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Great share. Thank you very much!

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Thanks for sharing! Is it risky to run HQ aged accounts that were bought from an account provider on DC proxies? they’re created with residential IP address.

It’s not that risky to even run with a public proxy as long as it not blacklisted.
But it’s always recommended to create your account with un detectable proxies like 4G / Residentials (WiFi)

Keep in mind that if you are spamming, you might get banned even with the best setup

You can check if IP is blacklisted here ;

Thank you very much for sharing this information. Great info.