The weird stuff you find on Instagram


I was casually browsing the internet when I came across this unique Instagram.


1 word: iieeuwww


Super high engagement though. And you cant stop watching it can you?


go to her personal page and she is a good looking lady…my imagination runs if making love to her…and she sees a zit on private part…hope she forgets she is a doctor.


She is huge on internet,her videos were all over 9gag.


They are all over reddit as well, I was just curious to see if she had an Instagram, and she does. Nasty as fuck too. She even sells products on it. Smart. She pops zits and makes videos of it. People are weird.


I have not been able to view 1 video. Because pizza is on my way and I want to eat it.

But engagement is definitely good. To be honestly not expected for such an acc on instagram.



Well funny if you read the comments. Anyone who asks for more info when looking at his profile, see only chocolate twix snickers bounty. Not crazy to have pimples.

Example of 1 comment from him

Maybe they target desserts/chocolate pages😬

These kinds of things are quite profitable. Cremes / face wash people keep buying. Do not order 1x and never again.


People love pimple popping videos, there’s a big YouTube audience for it too.

I wonder how one can use this feature?

Might be useful for legit adult accounts, like mine, without having to censor. Maybe they’re rolling it out to everyone eventually? I’d love to be able to warn people instead of getting reported.


LOL WUT, what feature is that? All I see is the “wiggle wiggle wiggle” of that lipoma…

urk, urk



Oh, that never popped up when I tried to view it. Perhaps the account I used has already accepted that before?


I’m logged out, maybe it’s just for public safety. Either way, it would be great to have it on all accounts at any stage… instead of creating a system of censorship, not that free speech needs to be allowed on a closed platform, but if you put up barriers then allowing more lax rules would be a fair balance.


And I thought this one was random enough -

Over 600 pictures of bananas with the same caption on each with 10k followers.


I’ve seen accounts that post nothing, accounts that only shoot clear blue sky, only benches etc. IG is weird like that. I find the bananas offensive personally. Consider me TRIGGERED


my idol, my hero, my master :joy: savage


Yep, this is one of those accounts. Not even sure how it survives.


commenting on 1m+ profiles
i post blank photos
such a savage master :sweat_smile:


Makes me wonder if there is a link between them and pimples :joy:

It appears to work automatically. I see if often especially when a video contains gruesome content