The weird stuff you find on Instagram



Targeting goals :heart:




For my… THIS is also weird:

Special one is this:

:heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign:

Another one:


Next entry:
“Girl fights” :see_no_evil:


#WeirdWorld :world_map: :earth_africa:


It’s like world star hip hop is leaking.


I really dont like the stuff of these acc.s, its really brutal.
One astonishing thing is just: the following acc. has not many followers (below 1,200), but has on its videos more than 10k views :flushed:



Even I dont like manipulation of views / likes, I hope in this case these figures are NOT true, because then this would mean that there are many people who are interested in watching such videos… :frowning_face: :-1:


Curiosity killed the cat. Well not that but still. People watch fights because it’s interesting not that they are engaged with fights


The lowkey way to make girls self conscious about their weight


Thanks again to WORTIME for this great thread :joy:

Here the next “entry”. Profile picture tells it all :smile:

#WTF #NoComment


A dude with a peach booty? I guess that’s kinda weird, unless it’s your thing. Nice butt tho :peach: (#nohomo)


So, you guys might have heard about the term “butthead” :peach:

So now think about another “special” type of face. Nothing comes to your mind?! Okay, let me help you:

scroll down

= C***head

Not funny and you are expecting something like “ill shit” in this thread?! Dude, be careful with your wishes. IF you still wanna see “ill shit”, then… well, okay. But I warned you…

scroll down when ready. But be prepared. last warning :warning: :rotating_light: Ill shit is coming… :nauseated_face: *

Well, that is what people call “ill shit”.
#WTF #HolyShit #MadWorld :see_no_evil:


I seriously hope all that is just makeup etc. One thing for sure, it’s a serial rapist’s favorite page…


wtf. Surprised they dont get reported for the gore… jeez.


Yes, it is a penis and a vagina… :see_no_evil:

@all: which hashtags would you recommend for such an upload?!

#NoAnswerNeeded :wink:


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This man knows how to attract women :joy:

:heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign:

:two: : Short guide how to gain around 90 followers per upload:
–> have unique and awesome content… :wink:


Wooow that’s actually interesting xD


This time I dont post the names of the acc.s that have “weird” stuff, just a part of its content. These acc.s are about “birth” and have sometimes even videos of it (!) and you can see EVERYTHING. The content is “weird”. But more “weird” is that these acc.s are existing since A LONG TIME, while WORTIME lost an inoffensive Meme page… :thinking:


:heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign:



Soooo… you can’t show nipple etc, but you can show that???


Well, better say it that way:

  1. Having an inoffensive meme page on IG?!
    :arrow_right: Can get banned :scream:

  2. Showing tits or vaginas on IG?
    :arrow_right: Can get banned, of course!! :roll_eyes:

  3. Showing tits AND vaginas in context with a birth? Even uploading a video of it?
    :arrow_right: No problem! :crazy_face: / :exploding_head:

WTH!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: