The weird stuff you find on Instagram


This content is definitely really special :grin:

Guess what is the theme of this account…?! :sunglasses:


You found me :blush:


You mean, I found one of your 1,000s accounts or did you mean you are this one:



I’m actually both of them, it’s just a faceswap mirror trick.


All I want in life is the confidence of that fella. Goddamn!


Is it you again, @Ian?! :wink:




These always amuse me.

I dont think ‘skid marked boxers’ would go over so well…but you never know people are crazy


Dear @TheDoctor, may I ask you, a doctor? When I see the account above (that you have posted / with the panties), then there comes always one question to my mind: is our species not really ill?
#MadWorld #MadPeople #DoctorIsNeeded :wink:


Aint that the truth…


I once had a potential client ask me to setup her a site to sell her used panties… At the time I was fully booked, but apparently her sales are doing well…


Did she offer a bulk discount? Asking for a friend.

his name is @wortime


You dropped the “@“

Edit: Ahhh… that’s bettah!


New stream of income? :thinking:


I think we’re onto the next big niche.

Time to go all in.


BUY BUY BUY! Get in before the Bear market!


The fact that @ian and @ErikL took the time to research this should be of a concern to someone I should imagine…no one here…but surely someone somewhere


:joy: :rofl:

When you’re a product of the internet, these things become way more common than you’ll ever know, mostly unintentionally… but it’s easy to dig up the most insane things, and fast. I’m more concerned about how @skinnygirl finds all these fetish IG accounts I’ve started :rofl: :dizzy_face:


Who said they are alone :laughing:



Welcome to Monday I suppose