The weird stuff you find on Instagram


Top advice for all Instagrammers:

If your audience doesnt like your content:

… just do what ANY OTHER professional would do:

Post again and again the same picture! :joy:


i seen many of these accounts – in the comment on many of my accounts it says something to the effect…
‘great post all I do is post pictures of xxx( same pictures over and over!) …go check it out’

i know many of people who have these and none of them told me why they created these accounts…


Likely these accounts are used for spamming or maybe for scraping data or just to have them “on hold” if other, bigger ones get banned… ?!

The pictures above are from the following account and I found it because it had posted on another account the comment: “… send me a DM”

Btw, this account posted the “massage-picture” likely more than 100 times :flushed: :joy:


This one made my day :joy

Not really stuff “on”, but “weird stuff you find ABOUT Instagram.”

If anyone can help this person, please feel free to answer by clicking on the link below :slightly_smiling_face:

:foot: :foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot::foot:


Basically all porn


Quiz of the day:

Which out of the these 6 pics in the Top post section is the least approriate (for IG)? :joy: