Their is an account on Instagram selling verified badges is this fake?


This guy on Instagram is selling verified badges for $300 he owns two accounts with legit verified badges, is this a scam?

He claims he has the panel to request verification Instagram badges for any Instagram account.

Seems fake but then again how did he get two accounts with verified badges??? One has 1k followers the other 1.9k
Is this fake?

How is an IG account with 100 followers verified?

give me his @


I believe I know which page you’re speaking of. Keep in mind, even if he gets your page verified, Instagram can always investigate your page at any point and remove it/ take other actions


Don’t take the risk, unless you’re playing some sort of short game (eg: you’re going to see the ROI for the $300 in a couple of months or something). High chance that Insta might investigate you, or one of your competitors will report your profile and your badge is gone.

EDIT: I remember some accounts selling the tick for $6000 last year, so comparatively $300 seems like a scam. Just giving you a headsup.


Is it that dude with like 20k followers from Florida? Total scam. Verifieds are hard to come by these days. Black market verifieds used to cost upwards of $20,000 as employees have to submit paperwork and reasoning to some higher ups.


$300 is very affordable for this kind of service, but It doesn’t mean it’s a scam. There’s no real rule, with rates going from free to $50,000 (the highest I’ve seen so far).

Having the right level of partnership to be able to request an account verification is not that rare. Hundreds (may be thousands) of agencies around the world can do it too, as far as it’s not for a company or a brand, but for an individual or a media.

Best way to know is to give him or her a try :slight_smile:


If you guys contact me i can demonstrate the method we have with screen shots. Our method is evergreen and involves our own tools plus senuke. results so far 3 our of 10 with the fastest being 3 months through 6 month.


What the heck are you talking about?!?

Verification “with your own tools”?
If yes, that one is scam for sure. Please explain, I’m confused.


No explanation will be forthcoming. Please disregard


To all.

9999999,9999 % of this kind of “service” is a scamz

Please do your research before paying anything, to anyone upfront.



That’s a bit extreme… :slight_smile:


You think? Almost sure about it:) check all sellers of that on fora, you will see how stupid they are and even then people pay them/)

Proof me wrong :wink:


Check your PM :slight_smile:


if you linking check pls hit me up :wink:


It’s a scam don’t waste your time or money


Its most likely a scam. These type of verified badges scams are very common nowadays sadly. You shouldn’t risk your 300 USD.


I contacted this person. I think I’m willing to try it. If it doesn’t work, my bank will refund my $300 for services not received :). Sooo, I’m leaning towards doing it.


Has anyone ever had success buying a verification badge?


If you receive an email from Instagram saying you’re verified it’s fake.

If you get contacted by a company selling verified badges - sure, it could be a real badge - but it doesn’t mean that it’s legitimate. It would be like having a warrant on your head if Instagram saw that you had received it without the proper approvals.


There is a user called jainchitransh on instagram who says he is a media partner and that he can verify for 1000USD lots of pictures of him with celebrities and them thanking him, let me know what you think?