Theory on Reduced Reach Due to Automation

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Due to the ridiculous state of the world, I have no choice but to use Instagram again in order to find paid work. Times are tough. So much for my initial strategy on How to Get Zero Action Blocks & Error Messages Ever

But I digress.

I’ve had a thought for quite some time as to why our accounts experience significantly reduced reach as a result of automation.

Consider these few general statements which are, for the most part, accurate:

1. People who automate generally receive lower interactions on their posts in the long run.
2. People who automate generally like a combination of irrelevant and relevant posts to their niche.
3. Some people who automate generally like a variety of completely irrelevant posts to their niche.
4. The algorithm determines who sees your posts based on who and what you interact with.
5. The algorithm determines what you are shown in the search and feed, depending on who and what you interact with.

Reduced Reach Due to Automation

Here’s my theory:

Automation results in reduced reach because your account likes a bunch of random posts that are permanently stored in your account history. This influences permanently, what you are shown in your feed, and to whom your own posts are shown, provided you are still liking / saving those posts, no matter how old they are.

I’ve tested this on my own personal account over many years.

I have tens of thousands of posts liked due to automation from years ago and they STILL to this day affect what I’m shown in my feed, even if I like new posts that are in my niche, and even if I continually select ‘not interested in this’ in the feed on posts I’m not interested in. In a matter of hours or days I’m back to square one in the search.

I’ll now be unliking and unsaving everything I’ve ever engaged with over a period of years to check whether or not it restores my account health. It’s a long game, but it could reveal some answers.

It makes sense to me that if I’ve liked a bunch of low quality posts that have nothing to do with music, Instagram isn’t going to show my posts to musicians just because I use music hashtags. It’s a complex algorithm with many strands, and it seems to base things heavily upon your general history of engagement, as far as I can tell.

Has anyone tried completely cleaning an account and starting over from zero likes, saves and follows to see if it improves reach?

Obviously the route to take thereafter would be completely manual action, engaging with the top content in your niche only.

Let me know your thoughts on this.


imo , all what is needed is to have the account only following and engaging with similar niched accounts post (wether explorepage,igtv,reels,feed…) and with randomization and always seeking for new ways of engaging means not always liking , maybe some contextual comments (through ai) , then i think result will be different since like you said algorithm will reward us doing that because account will be shown to user that have same interest

i agree with you with the fact that all this bullshit of (engagemnt group,likingpost through bot,powerlikes…) of account totally non related to our nche will affect the account in the long run , dunno maybe bcs algorithm dont know how to 'consider the account ’ a niched one since he constantly engage with stuff unrelated , so yeah the fact that you unlike stuff from before and start engagin onnly with related ones is the good way .

and for automation i think some bots that are affiliated with ig like hootsuite… and more ‘whitehat’ or maybe better sophiscated custom bot can be solid for a long run game , but for jv dunno i think you’re right its not the best option to have solid reach

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