How I Get Zero Action Blocks & Error Messages Ever

Hey guys

I think I’ve discovered an incredible way (the only way in my opinion) to get zero action blocks or warnings on accounts.

By doing nothing on any of my accounts, I’ve managed to get zero blocks and warnings.

Here’s how I do it:

  • Don’t follow anyone or any hashtags
  • Don’t unfollow anyone or any hashtags
  • Don’t like anything
  • Don’t post any content
  • Don’t direct message anyone
  • Don’t buy any proxies of any kind
  • Cancel your Jarvee subscription

Alright, that’s it! Pretty simple I think.

As a precautionary measure, don’t even check to see whether you’re blocked or not. This way you know for sure you definitely aren’t.

To be extra safe I recommend the following:

  • Don’t view any posts of any kind
  • Don’t log in or out of Instagram
  • Don’t think about whether you’re blocked or not
  • Generally, don’t even open the Instagram app or think about social media
  • Don’t even use Facebook or Whatsapp because you might think about it
  • I would actually recommend throwing away your phone just so that you aren’t tempted

My proof of the above method is that I am doing all of the above and thus have no statistics to show you at all.

I really hope that this helps everyone as it’s been a rough time lately. Please let me know if I’ve forgotten anything, and thanks for reading!

Thanks Gracias


My personal favorite is deleting the app itself. Works fine. :exploding_head:


Just tried this and worked 100% for me. I think you finally solved it \o/


You’re a genius man. This strategy works 100%.


I simply delete my Instagram account and I also started getting zero action blocks and no error messages! Works pretty well!


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Wow guys, thank you so much for the feedback. I’m so honoured to know that it has helped you all. I’m going to keep doing this and will update you all on how I feel after 6 months. I’m hoping that I will not have severe PTSD, panics and fight or flight constantly.


Thank you so much, will give it a try! Saved for later!
/s :rofl:

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Haha, love it!!


:joy::joy::joy: compliments! Don’t miss to delete also Instagram :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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HAHAHAHHA post of the year!

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How do I scale this method? What’s a proxy? Do you take PayPal?


Since i stoped automation my accounts have been booming.
Only using automation to post.
Thank God for blocks :hugs:

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is this a sarcastic post lol im not getting something here ? lol


I followed EVERYTHING in this guide but i’m still getting action blocks

Someone please help?


#kingmethod lol

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hahahahah you make me laugh.

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You know I did that and I got an account compromised message


Simple and beautiful, well done :clap:


Post deserves a absolute Grammy :grimacing::grimacing:


I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at responses to threads on the forum before. :laughing:

Pleaze empty your PayPal into mine. That is this only methods.

Brother, I fee the same way! Let’s rejoice together. :hugs::hugs::hugs:

It may seem sarcastic but I’m actually 100% serious.

@hw711 & @bossofig

I genuinely died when I read your comments. Priceless stuff!!! :rofl::rofl:

@hw711 most people won’t understand… but those who do. :laughing:

The king himself! I’m honoured. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Special Thanks :grin:

Thanks Gracias