There are somethings happened in instagram comment

I have 150 ins accounts are doing comment in Jarvee now. It was working great for me in almost 9 mouths, but I have some problems now. I am getting a huge wave ban these days, and there is a situation. Jarvee shows my accounts successful comment to the limits, but when I check results, I can not see those comments. They are just disappear. I checked lots of my accounts, they seems having same problem now. Do you know why and how to fix this problem?

Comments disapearing is related to you proxies,nothing much you can do to fix it.If you have ban issues,try reducing the number of comments and make a better spintax.Just because it worked for 9 months doesn’t mean it will work 9 months from now.

What proxy that you use?
Do you use spintax?
How many comment that you post/day?

Thanks for reply, I am tring to test where is the problem now. I think the reason is one of your suggest, maybe both.

I am using ipv4 proxy. I did not use spintax, but I did change comment’s content for each 2 or 3 accounts. I was did 250 comment a day, now I reduce to 150.

So you post same comment with every 2 or 3 accounts :grimacing: You gotta use the spintax bro :face_with_hand_over_mouth: you gonna kill all ur accounts this way…


I did not use spintax before, do you have some recommend?

If you aren’t using spintax you probably posting a lot of irrelevant comments which were reported by some users and that’s why you are in troubles
But it’s only my assuption

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check this out [Guide] Building complex spintax


Thanks for share, its really helpful. Do you have some recommended software about bot or tools to spintax?

What do you mean “tools to spintax”? You write spintax by yourself, and, for example, Jarvee supports this.

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{Hello|Hi|Hiiii|Whatss up|Greetings|Hellooo}{!{|!}{|!}}}

There you go something basic you can understand you don’t have program to auto generate good syntax you need to do it by hand, search for greeting method, how to say hello, something in those lines to gather more information

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