These IG #'s make no sense - Who can help with enagagement? will pay

So im seeing these accounts with like 1k-3k followers but have like 500+ likes and 300-400 comments which appear to be from real accounts on each photo.

how is this possible? i can provide a few examples. are they using groups? im specifically talking about male fashion accounts.

if anyone is offering any services or knows of any good groups, will pay $

Go check the profiles of the people who commented, and see if the account your questioning comments on their pictures too. It could be that they engage with their audience, so their audience engages back.

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I agree that this is key. Every single comment on your post needs to be replied to for maximum engagement.

The amount of likes for that account size range seems reasonable. The comment number screams engagement group, though

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This was cringe

Comments bought or from an engagement group. likes seem a reasonable amount, maybe even a bit on the low side.

This guy is probably using comment and like groups, you can find a ton of them on telegram. They dont seem to have a lot of succes for this guy since he is only getting 500 likes (100-200 more than the amount of comments)

What if I told you about corny grown men who come from who knows where to talk trash about automation?.. on a website about automation. :man_shrugging:t2: let people live.

What if I told you all the automation trash is really why your reach /growth sucks?

I can offer you the service using my own gain method

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if the account has an bigger account behind it – the bigger account/s just needs to run it in it’s stories. It is insane how much traffic that will produce. They also could but story shouts. EG groups are possible as dm groups – personal friends to. There are many ways to drive traffic.

I come across many acts in a small niche with 5-8k followers and 10k likes/1k+2k comments per post lol.

any updates on this?