Things are better in Colombia for "bots" atomatation or tools

Hi, im new here but I want to let you know my experience from Colombia.

Im in these world of automation a 1 o 2 years, the past days I spend hours reading all kind of topics here in MPsocial, and I saw a lot of new thing that I dint know and also big is the community.So I wanted to apport my experience.

I read a lot of things about banned and blocks, and temporally blocks from almost everybody.

First I want to ask, do you thig instagram is severe depends of the location / country?

Im thinking about a supposed, also I don’t know if its all ready discussed here. But I think that IG is more severe depending of the country, here in Colombia I have seen that instagram is little bit less intense in the restrictions. What do you think about ? im I right or is only a thought that I have.

Do you mean that they are less restrictive in terms of content?

I was in Colombia for almost three months. Used Colombian IPs and SIMs and never had an issue.

I think IG is only restrictive in terms of content that’s porn or adult based, and perhaps the EU with the changes recently.

Aside from that I think Colombia is just as normal in terms of what content you can post etc. I think maybe fewer people report content in Colombia because they aren’t as prudish as the United States. But that’s about it.


True… Especially for Medellin where almost every girl looks like a luxury “escort”.


We never made it Medellin. But the majority of women in Colombia are hot, just like the weather.

Beautiful country with a very interesting history. The drum circles on the beach were amazing.


If you have a girl or are even married you MUST NOT go to Medellin.

Many people told me before that it is the place with the most beautiful girls on the planet. So I had extremely high expectations… And once I have arrived there… what I got to see was far beyond my expectations. Even the toilet cleaning ladies look like bomb shells.


i would be surprised if there is a difference in terms of action limits but these days, who knows. It would be super interesting if different regions had an effect on trust score, but i doubt it.

Will add Medellin to my list


Yes. All in the name of “research” apparently.


Do an Escobar tour there… And for the girls… be careful in Medellin. Dated some girls but due to my childish naivity I found out quite late that some of them were hookers. Luckily I noticed just before it was too late and never got into trouble.

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Every tour in Colombia can be an Escobar tour if you try hard enough.


true… Medellin is/was his homebase. Especially when you watch “Narcos” or “Blow” (extremely well made movie) beforehand you can sense the former “evil vibe”. Many scenes are in Medellin… though the hole country was his playground.


Yeah, I said was saying in terms of atomatation tools, I don’t know why, but I think instagram “things” that the big fishes are inEurope or US, that truth I thiink. But here in Colombia is begging to increase the demand for these tools, but also the people are too conservatives, so is difficult to gain them.

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Thats right, there’s is a boom of “influencers” almost girls, that post there bodies and increase amazing fast, and the companies looks for them to make deals.

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Actually you are very lucky there… whereas all the others need to repost stuff you can go for OG content by just placing a webcam in Cali or Medellin :slight_smile:

When I was there I met a guy who hired Medillin students for “sexy” video chat with lonesome US boys. He said it was a gold mine. So maybe it is one for you too in terms of IG usage.


Yeah Colombia is amazing. And the past 5 to 10 years, it been a impressive image washing , know Colombia is being recognized for good things Where are you from ?

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I had a few high profile clients from that area. I see a few people from S. America here so I don’t think that Colombia and S. America are as saturated as the English markets are for automation. If you open an IG growth agency I’m sure you’ll do very well for yourself.


hahaha that’s true , im from Medellin, know im living in Cali. And I continues surprise my self when I go to Medellin, they are the best, and they are very kind. But, I can tell you, that in Cali are also the bes women, today I can’t saids where are the best, if Medellin o Cali, so another city Must not go is Cali, if you want you married to last


Yeah good chance for you to become an “IG pimp” and promote the beauties of your marvelous country worldwide.

EDIT: Have been in Cali, too. Also almost became a victim of my naivity. Too easy for a white guy to score… :grin::grin::grin:

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Yeah, that what im trying know to build, I saw I huge opportunity, if any of you want to explore you are welcome we can’t do interesting thing were.

Also, when you were in Medellin, with sim did you used, from here? or from your country?
Im no such an expert in terms of proxy, im paying someone to deal with that, but im wanted to know more, cause I smelling that these men is going to go off me suddenly and maybe start from his one.

So I trying to learn more about, if you @wortime could explain me a little bit, or send me information where can I learn it will useful, aLSO I m reading a lot were and learning a lot from you, and @HenryCooper and others that I saw are very active here.


Yes, but there are other thing that you can do. You can meet the towns nearly that are amazing, I can’t bee your tour guy if you wanted. And about girls, yes there are a lot of hookers,

True, is like a new way go gain money, bu a lot, a girl could easily gain 10, 20k per month , like the best ones. And the huge public is form America, the allo restricted Colombia viewers, so the gin money out form here.

Yes im trying, but there are a huge company know of Web cams dealing with that, but because the mine of gold that it is, there a plenty little company that are emerging know, so im lookin for that niche

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