This page charges 350usd for a 24h shout-out? Is that normal?

I was just thinking about trying shout-outs. So I contacted this page @lmao, and asked about the price. Turns out it charges 350 usd for one 24h post shout-out. That’s way beyond the price range I heard of.

Do you guys think that’s normal? That’d be worth it if that shout-out would bring me at least 10k followers, which I highly doubt could happen for 99% of pages existing on Instagram. What’s your opinion?

Yes thats actually kinda cheap side from what I’ve seen 1mill+ meme/niche pages charge for 24hr. Those pages will no way get you 10k followers unless you have some sort of new unique page theme.

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You’d have to check their profile in depth. It’s annoying to see their profile being private. Would set me off already


You mean that’s a cheap price considering its size/niche? :scream:

But if that shout-out would bring me, say 2k followers only, it wouldn’t be wise to pay 350 dollars for that, would it?

I thought @lmao is public for sure?

It’s not public?

Check for yourself how long it would take and how much it would take to gain this amount of followers?

With the current climate 2k is a ‘lot’ for some as for a gain of followers on a weekly, monthly ,… basis

Okay now I tried. Didn’t know it went private. Probably it’s the owner’s trick to get you to follow his personal page (“follow xxx to be accepted faster”) lol smh

Or it’s a trick to make it impossible to check it’s analytics. These closed pages just generally give me a bad feeling. So much you can hide behind it

They’ve lost 150k followers over the course of 3 months non stop. Nuff said

I know! It’s losing thousands of followers per day. I just thought it’s nevertheless one of biggest/oldest pages in my niche, I might try it if it’d charge a “reasonable” price.

$350 for a 9M shoutout is way too cheap.
However the account is shit and most likely running way too many promos already, so I’d avoid it even at that price.


Start building your own network of slaves. Will be worth it after a while.

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pretty normal if you check them out and make sure hey have real followers…

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Okayyy, didn’t know that’s actually cheap. And you are right about its account quality, I have noticed the same.

Anyway, why would anyone pay that much (or much more if 350 is way too cheap) to pages like that when you could expect probably only a couple of thousands of followers in return?

I will look into that, thanks!

Okay honestly I was expecting around 100 dollars for a 24h only shout-out. Didn’t know they could charge way more than that. :sunglasses:

Cause people be stupid looking for a quick shortcut only to realise they flushed 350$ down the toilet while i could have been drinking all night with 5 other chicks with that amount of money :man_shrugging:t2:

IG is a waiting game. No shortcuts if you wanna build something up.


If it was a good 9M page, with a good promo post, you could probably make $50k+ in sales.
You could also expect to pay $5k+ for that post instead of $350.

Why do you think brands pay Kylie and Kim $500k for a promo post?

There are plenty of shortcuts, if you have the money and enough experience with the platform to not get scammed by a meme page selling shoutouts.

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Thought kylie already asked 1mil per post actually.

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I see. So basically, it’d be worth it if I use shout-outs for sales, not for followers, is that right?