Tik-Tok - Future Influencers Marketing Platform


Anyone hear about this Tik- Tok https://www.tiktok.com/ Social Media Platform.

The Most Downloaded Social App Last Month wasTik-Tok and I think it’ll be a next influencer marketing platform.


It’s kinda quite popular around Asia. But that’s it. I’m not sure if they are even recognized on Europe or America.


TikTok Beats YouTube, Facebook & Instagram App Downloads In October — 25% Growth In the US Alone.


How many active users they have? I think they are not even in top 30 of all platform thats out there?

If MP jumps in any platform thats populair for some months, they will be out of business soon :slight_smile:


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For sure, i was looking for a way to advertise some product over there


In June, TikTok (known as Douyin in China) reported reaching a global monthly active user count of 500 million across 150 countries and regions.

TikTok had a 29 percent engagement rate(the portion of monthly users who open the app daily), compared with Facebook’s 96 percent, Instagram’s 95 percent, Snapchat’s 95 percent and YouTube’s 95 percent.


It’s on Number 4th position behind YouTube (No. 1), Instagram (No. 2) and Snapchat (No. 3) in App Store.


It may be worth keep looking at it, i think it has a very young age audience, must say that has been extremely heavily sponsorized, it will be a big challenge for them keep it up


This is the new Musical.ly isn’t it?

I’ve seen lots of influencers get brand deals for this app recently.


it is musical.ly, it has been incorporated in tik tok or something like that


TikTok is a rebranded Musical.ly… I haven’t seen any bots for the platform yet.

However, a lot of people want to become TikTok famous, so getting into TikTok client management can be a good business. Just basic follow/unfollow can be strongly powerful there.


It is mostly kids/teenagers though. You will get way less payed per client.


It’s definitely mostly for children. You will not see former Vine stars moving to this platform. They’ll stay where they’re at. I don’t see this being profitable.


Unless it ends up being like YouTube where there are parents who see the potential in having their children create appealing videos (toy reviews, unboxings, etc.).


Teen have access to credit card these days, it has some possibilities, however, not as other platform


TIKTOK is not much value. it’s called"DOU YIN" in china, In fact, it did come from China.
I was make growth in 4 month ago, 3 days grow 60K fans in one account, depends on “content method”, The more popular content has the amount of display.but the life cycle of video is very short… A good video can raise tens of thousands of fans in one day, but the fans are of little value. In China, the account of a 100,000 fans is sold for only a few tens of dollars.


it is not worth doing anyting,it is not future,it is just the tool to “kill time”,no social gene,


TikTok sounds very interesting IMHO. What about growing a huge following and redirecting all the traffic to IG or another platform? Could work for some niches I guess. Kids are growing up anyways and IG is getting more and more competitive.


It could work, creating a bot for tiktok is not so hard if you know python and have a lot of phones.