Tik-Tok - Future Influencers Marketing Platform


It’ still mostly for kids, but I think it have potential to grow into marketing platform also


Long-term that doesn’t even matter what age the audience of TikTok is (or any other platform out there). Those kids turn into adolescents with money. So if you can carve out a little spot in their brain for the years to come, it’s worth spending attention to it.


The chinese already bought it.


The future of another huge platform about to bust.

The problem would be finding consistent content to post but I am sure there are ways around this. I wonder if this can be automated, maybe a private script.


My opinion, tik tok user today are young, but they will grow and Tik Tok users will be interesting for everyone’s business. there are many users of 20/25 years and many of their mothers. soon there will soon be an automation for tik tok, if it does not die it will be the future. Excuse my bad English


I also very much believe in tik tok and I hope someone can pass us some automation script or something. We need to ask the JV team. I sent an email some time ago and they told me that if they receive many requests they will develop something for TikTok.


Long term game here, they will become paying consumers with credit cards at some point.

Take apple as an example, giving free macs to schools build brand recognition and future brand consumers.