Tik-Tok - Future Influencers Marketing Platform


there’s no bots unless you start it by investing in creating one and selling subscriptions :smiley:

Well, it is basically the long-awaited reincarnation of Vine
TikTok itself is the fusion of two different TikTok itself is the fusion of two different apps: the original TikTok and an app called Musical.ly


unbelievable they even got ahead off instagram and i still never even thought of downloading there app yet i knew them just with the memes that came-out of there app its gold lol


That’s exactly what I thought. I used to think that their community only has childs, but I was mistaken haha.

I downloaded it and, even if I am not addicted, It’s a funny app (when you don’t see the vids of people overreacting, of course).

I am not sure how to monetize It, though. It’s more human than IG, so making reposts is a NO


i can confirm that it is actually a fun app love it lol i made some cringy tiktoks too on it some got 4k likes xD

it’s a short videos base platform while IG is a based on too many other Formats of content can’t compare them of say that some is better than other they have different purposes to be honest

if you scroll up you will find my comment where i explained how you can do it also


Oh, yeah, I understand now. I can imagine doing CPA campaigns about selling tiktok views instead of IG followers hahaha.

Social media changes, old methods remains…


i bet that will work like a sharm also selling Likes will get you a Lambo tho Lol
mostly Kids will be paying with there moms cards ,saw kids spend 100s $ donating on streams to get dueted by famous guys Just to get couple of followers and a bunch of likes So sad


Oh my god, that’s disgusting…

(I have to open a new tik tok account xDDD)

BTW, what really grinds my gears is that everytime I open the app, vids of guys dancing without a shirt appear… Maybe It’s because I live in a country where reggaeton is the only thing that people dance…


definitely That’s the reason ,but you can change that by browsing different hashtags and trends look for trends in the country you want to see there content on your feed by following most popular tiktokers there also Browse different hashtags follow and like the tiktoks you enjoy so they will suggest more of me to you


Thank you very much for the tips!

I Will remember you once I became millionaire promoting fake tiktok views hahahaha (or when I am in jail, Who knows…)


your welcome and i wish you all the best of luck and most differently you will not be in jail because if someone needs to go to jail in the first place it’s the person who made Tiktok ,it’s not going to stop growing Like crazy lol


Or the shirtless users, those deserve death punishment! Haha


Hopefully it will soon be possible to plug tik Tok into Jarvee then :blush:

@alossra, since you’ve got some experience with the app already, do you think that more “mature” content would be possible to monetize? Like workouts with already famous fitness influencers ie.


:joy: on the other part of tiktok “Memes” Side



Thanks I’ve seen it on other platforms but must give it a try


Not sure if it will be an amazing platform for influencer marketing just since pushing traffic off of it is so dang hard and that the majority of the audience is teenagers (with no money). However, there is some huge traffic on the platform and all those tiktok videos are all over YT and IG. It depends on how the company manages it, but it could definitely become a big player in the future but for now no haha…

(Just 100% my opinion)


I’ve been looking at Tik-Tok for awhile but i don’t think it’ll be the next biggest platform (for marketing).

Main reason being the average age of the users this is very low compared to IG.


ig users were young at the beginning too


so you think somebody that turns 20 will use tik tok as much as they use it when they are 10?

i dont think so. but who knows…


Lmao there’s a lot of old people grandpas lol

you can’t predict only statistics can show you whats going on!

According to the Douyin, the original Chinese version of the app, over 40% of their users are aged from 24 to 30 , while previously the app’s largest user group was aged 18 to 24.

i think you guys are missing a huge wave ,it’s easy to download it so you can see whats going on!
:joy: :heart: old people can be cool too


500 million daily active users