Tiktok automation tool


I am looking for people interested in automation for tiktok to test my tool (first version). I need 10 test accounts. If you have interest contact in private.


What does the tool do? Tried sending you a message but it wouldn’t let me.


The tool has the Automation service (like, follow, comment and unfollow) through its profile name references and hashtag names.


Ah ok.

Definitely would advise everyone to use this on an account / phone you don’t care about losing.


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Have you found a program that allows posting? :smile:


No posting, but probably they will develop the feature soon


I decide to wait JV. Cause i want fully automaiton and other bots in market has not scheduler etc.


SocialMasters (found it on google) is pretty cool and works fast enough… made lots of followers in about 2 days without too much content, now I will also try out the results with more content


How many followers did you gain in 2 days?


For tiktok bot : https://youtu.be/p6cPDwvhyWM


with all this web software the problem is that they are so whitehat if you want to scale you have to pay another time same price not like jv where 10accnt with low budget +the fact that they don’t do lot of follow
it’s just that they are not for people who really want serious growth or cash on tiktok


I am averaging like ~40 per day at the moment


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