Tiktok automation tool


Hi guys. Do you know about some automation tools for tiktok? IF you know can you tell me too?


Not sure about any bot out there you can buy off the shelf, but you could always pay a developer to code a custom one…

Or you could use Zenno to create one:


@goodtimes have you ever used it in the past? works well?


will soon come on J :wink:


would you say a date?


Where have you got this information? Source?


Excited for JV to add TikTok!


already a beta


Forget about Zenno for tiktok. There is no way you can make it work with that.


as i can see, in tiktok followers dont mather. We just need schedulers.Just post videos then rise and shine :slight_smile:


Got an email from a Russian tool yesterday that they are launching their TikTok bot called Tokker.ru. Should be live now.

Haven’t checked it out but it seemed quite expensive to me.


its 20 $ right ?


Yep for one account


Yea it’s $20, is that per account?


Damn, yea that’s expensive


try this one:


i think we just need scheduler for tiktok



It may not be necessary: ​​D


i dont want to give up on ig but i reallytired cause of ig algorithms.And these bots are necessary for me :slight_smile:


If you need an Instabot that works go to InstabotAI. It has face detection and other cool features. Instabot is dead

Tiktok: tokker.ru russian ^ or AutoTokker.com for an american one