Tiktok is the new wave

Tiktok has 800 Million active users

Instagram only has 1 billion … 200 million more :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Oh wow, these are some great numbers. TikTok is getting closer :slight_smile:

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“new” haha… Where have you been?

Exactly, lol - where have you been?

Their monthly active user numbers have been high for quite some time now

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Where the automation tools from jarvee at though? nothing working

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Still in beta atm. Try it or AutoTokker. I can’t believe how late you are lol

Yeah, they are growing incredibly. Very soon they will leave IG behind :smiley:

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Of course, TikTok is here, the “new wave” :grin:

Jarvee devs are still working on TikTok automation and they will improve that in the next few months.

a few months? :frowning: this is very long timee

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What exactly doesn’t work for you? You can always contact Jarvee support and tell them about your issue :slight_smile: Plus, maybe your feedback can also help to improve TikTok module in Jarvee :slight_smile:

TikTok may be irrelevant before the beta turns into the real version :’( haha

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i cant login to any account in the EB. there is an error from tiktok when trying to signin says “you are visiting our site too frequently”

I’m referring to the official version and not fixing the errors, the issues will most likely be fixed in the next update but the official TikTok version may take a little bit longer.

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I assume you haven’t been on the Internet since March this year. Welcome back! :wink:


The problem is that 90% of those are bot accounts + not used private accounts that were just opened to take the name (o uploads, 0 posts, 0 followers) + deleted accounts that still count.

Have you tried these steps? Gained 20k TikTok Followers using Jarvee repost tool not sure when they will release a fix for the login issue, but you can make your account valid by following those steps.

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Thanks! i also found another way, just sign in with google.

90% huh? You believe that?

Hi Nik can you help me on the last post i have given on simcard and tiktok topic. Thank you

Maybe, btw I often still use Insta, Fb instead of Tiktok, I feel it’s not for me :sweat_smile: