Tiktok scheduler/reposter that actually works

jarvee doesnt do it for me, looking for alternatives

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There are some changes made on TikTok and that Jarvee team is working on this, this is the info that I got when I contacted them.

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Yes, I’ve heard there is a newer TikTok API

Yes and that is why TikTok on Jarvee is still in Beta version. TikTok is still making many changes on their API.

Anyone have problems reposting via jarvee?

yes reposting has issues, as the guys above said TikTok changed something and JV devs are working on it, we hope they get it solved soon.

I can’t even login, get this error, anyone has any idea how to do it?

TikTok will always be making changes so I think this isn’t a good sign for us :confused:

You can try the solution in this post. See if it works on your account.

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if the solution Jaha told you did not work you should stop logging for a couple of days give the account some rest and try again.

Yeah, try repeating the same steps after a couple of days.

does repost work with new jarvee update? Jarvee

Tiktok is down for the moment and the repost tool is not working properly, devs are working on fixing the issues that’s what they told me last time I asked.

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