Tips for starting a "Feature Account"?

Hello everyone!

I’m not entirely new to MP or automation, but I started my journey a few months ago with casual personal accounts but recently got really into increasing growth of my presence for marketing my personal brand, and trying to get some business after losing my job. But, that’s not important, however I have lots of time to work on this now - so it’s a huge goal.

I recently got the idea to start a specific feature account and have noticed that some of them do REALLY well, of course the niche is partially dependent on that so I’m not expecting anything huge, but it seems like they’re worth trying out. I have 2 personal accounts running now, but I’m going to keep them as they are without changing direction.

So going with this new account, if you were starting fresh for the purpose of creating a feature account in order to throw your stuff in there as well and potentially charge for shoutouts when big enough, and that sort of thing… how would you get started?

Would you immediately use MP or give it some time? What would your first steps be for the account, and how would you expect to grow?

Thanks for any thoughts or tips :slight_smile:

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If I were you, I would get myself some aged Instagram accounts and fill them with some really interesting content to increase my follow back rate and start following and liking posts of users that are following other big accounts on the same niche.

Make sure to use relevant hashtags: How To Grow Your IG Account Fast Using Hashtags and make your account look as real as possible.


I also guess it would be a good idea to ask the posts owners that you are going to feature at the beginning to make a post saying that they are going to be featured in your account which will give more exposure to your account especially if they have a good number of followers.

Also take a look at: What NOT To Do - Instagram as its very important to keep your accounts safe while growing them.


Just replying to myself here, finally got around to deciding on a theme. Just ordered a SIM card and I’m going to start on a niche that I really like, start a “mag” account for it, and build a simple website, ask for submissions, and hope I can build it up as a way to feature my personal account in the mix.

Now, just have to wait for the damn sim card to arrive and then another month warming up the account… might as well build the website in the meantime, yeah? :stuck_out_tongue:

go for it ! :slight_smile:

Working on it :smiley:

Although not to derail my own topic, I just tried switching MP over to my home IP and it stopped performing actions on one of my two accounts. Purchased a proxy to use for the new feature account, and was going to put the personal ones on my own IP, but now I’m worried.

Log is filled with: code:513 url********/info/ and content:{“status”: “fail”, “message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”}

and this a few times:

InternalSearch failed with exc:System.Net.Sockets.SocketException (0x80004005): An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host at System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.EndRead(IAsyncResult asyncResult)An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host## at System.Net.Sockets.NetworkStream.EndRead(IAsyncResult asyncResult)

Though I can browse manually with the embedded browser. Guess I’ll contact support if it doesn’t resolve itself.

yep, it seems you already know what to do :smiley:

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Ha, yeah. Seems like my account is broken, waiting to hear back :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing with “feature accounts” is just like another account, find a niche and fill it. Brand a hashtag that people can use, use it every post. Once you get up there, asking people to follow, tag you, and use your hashtag…your Insta will be filled with people that tagged you and used your hashtag, further increasing it’s popularity.


Oh, and for feature accounts? Autocommenting works like a CHARM, it’s easy to write a spintax comment that asks people to like follow and tag to be featured…almost no flags whatsoever. Just make sure it’s varied!

You mean autocommenting on your non-followers’ posts that you hope to attract?

Always thought that autocommenting is dangerous

Usually, it can be (unless you do a lot of research and craft some good spintax…), however, what I’ve found is that almost no matter what,a comment that admonishes their posts and IG, asks them to tag you and use a hashtag for a chance at a feature, goes over VERY well. You need to have it comment on a good keyword or hashtag, but still, no flags yet! (6+ months and counting!)

Personally? I use autocomment for the after follow action, it’s super general and varied. some 3/4 million variations, and yet I change it every month or two…

Aside from autofollow, I only use it very specific hashtags that I’ve researched and tested. Still use a ton of variations, and max the likes as well. Once you mine the data for “followback” (which I suspect is just a positive reaction as a result of the comment, like or follow), then you can further narrow down what is working and what isn’t.

Hi Ian,

Did you figure out the issue with 513’s. Seems like I am having the same issue. But only on 1 of my 2 accounts.


I was told by support to ignore them, but still getting tons with one account.

Ya same here. I was told to ignore them. Is your auto-follow working properly for that account? Seems like the error happens when it tries to get info on and find new users to follow.

Sounds like an issue with tjhe browser on your PC, not inside MP.

I believe MP uses its embedded browser for everything. Also it only happens on a few accounts, not all.

That error is a log in issue with the embedded browser and the proxy. Inquire with the proxy provider, dont use the embedded browser for log in etc etc. See if that works.

This doesn’t happen on log in. It happens right after the auto-follow tool kicks in. Almost sounds like temp ban from instagram on that api call.

it is trying to get user info on the users and I see the following message:
(myusername) with code:513 url and content:{“message”: “Please wait a few minutes before you try again.”, “status”: “fail”}