Tips for starting out with my accounts!

Hello everyone,
I have two accounts, an extreme sports account and a luxury account. The sport account has 2.2k and the lux account has 1.5k.
Extra note: My hashtag reach has completely dropped off since a week ago (i used to get around 1000 hashtag reach and now I get 3!) does anyone know how to fix that?

Try rotating the hashtags, that’s what worked for me.

yeah, you should have a bunch of groups of hashtags so you don’t use the same ones all the time.

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ok thanks. my hashtag reach on my luxury account has dropped right down. and ive tried rotating hashtags and nothings working. have you experienced anything like this recently?

Report to Instagram your hashtags don’t work the day before you want to post. I swear it works

@powerlifter so i go into report and what category does that come under? and what effect does it have? thank you!

Especially at that account size, get rid of non-engaging followers. Those are worthless and make a lot of harm to your account. Especially at that account size, you can recover easily within 2-4 weeks even if you remove all followers.

Having a healthy account is especially important in the early stages, because the bigger the accounts the harder it is to bring them on the right path with tools like Jarvee. It is like setting the course for a ship and not being able to change direction anymore after 1 kilometre:slight_smile:

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How many posts do you publish per day? I’m thinking that maybe you publish too many posts with the same set of hashtags, and IG doesn’t like that.

i am publishing around 4 posts per day. i have started to change up the hashtags and some engagement is coming back. could that have been the problem in the first place?

how do I find the inactive followers? and won’t IG think my account is dropping in quality if I lose a bunch of followers quickly? thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, that could have been one of the reasons. Check out some suggestions in this thread, they may help.

Thank you!!!

On the contrary. The more % of your followers engage with your content, the better.


yeah that is true

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