(TIPS) How to slide into the DM's 😈

I know a lot you guys are probably like me and started your IG business after first building up your own personal profile.

I can attest to not only has it changed my life and provided an income for me travel and work remotely, but it’s also opened up opportunities in my personal life with dating that have truly been amazing.

With that said, I wanted to create space here where in addition to sharing our business strategies, but a place where we might share our ideas on how to slide in the the DM’s

I recommend avoiding creepy pickup lines that might work on Tinder all together, but rather say something that compliments a girl on the vibe or creativity of her profile like:

Hey there [input her name], your content is amazingly inspiring. I’m so envious of your travel (or life) in [input place]. Keep it going :raised_hands:t2:

then BOOM - if she’s interested, you got a great way to build a rapport and conversation from there.

This has worked wonders for me dozens of times setting up dates all around the world - and it has produced much better quality than Tinder ever has.

Of course, just like in business marketing, this only works well if you have good quality content and lots of followers already too :wink:

I’d love to hear what works for you guys too.


Ha ha, I thought chat up lines were dead, they just moved to the DMs!

Also, “keep it going” sounds too spammy IMHO

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For girls with a lot of follwers that get dms daily, this isn’t gonna work in most cases :wink:
Would go for something more creative, not a bad pick up line, but still something more lighthearted and fun.

I mean I guess it works cuz of all your followers, don’t wanna sound cheesy or anything, but is that what you want, to get them cuz they see the amount of followers? :hushed:


I wouldn’t be dming girls with lots of followers anyway- they tend to have narcissistic qualities. Around 1000 followers and under is the best place to start imo.


haha it definitely has

I agree. I just think some variation of it or a friendly way to encourage is always best. Maybe like, “keep up the good work” or “I’m looking forward following your travels or your content from X place”. This is how I’ve used personal and business methods to warm up leads back and worth.

Let them know you exist but don’t push too hard too soon unless you’re ready to ask them out, which I only I do if I know I’ll be in a city or country ahead of time


Time to expand: MPdating soon? :joy:


If they have less than a 1,000 followers she:

  • Probably has a private profile.
  • Is over the age of 30.
  • Is not easy on the eyes.
  • Or she’s rare as heck.

hahahaha so true :rofl:

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Haha your comment made my day @wortime :joy::joy:


true story indeed, these girls are so fixated on their numbers that they developed narcissistic qualities that are so turned off.


Quality > Quantity :sunglasses:


Couldn’t agree more. They’ll learn, eventually.



im ugly so i need around 3k accs to get decent results.


Lol, so story time…

Last year I automated my DM’s to scrape girls from cali schools with greek letters in their bios, then follow them and if there was a follow back say something like

“Hey! Random but I think we matched on tinder lol” anyways what’s up!

Ya’ll don’t even wanna know how good it worked haha


oh damn man. that’s epic. We could probably sell this service to every man that pays for tinder gold lol


Well there you have it, thats my secret sauce… Say i think we matched on tinder

1.) every single girl has a tinder and gets soooo many matches she legit doesn’t know if ya’ll actually matched

2.) If she says i’m not on tinder shes either taken or you just say oh nvm


haha i love it. can’t wait to try this

Hit 200k+ followers and they start DMing you

My experience - “wow how do you have so many followers! They have to be fake - you’re a dog!”


I usually go with this one “Here I got you flowers :rose::wilted_flower::hibiscus::blossom::tulip::rose:

I know its a bit cheesy but girls like this romantic stuff also it is a multi-combo pattern, where I start with the opener then ask her to bring a piece of paper to the date and later fold an origami rose out of it :man_shrugging: