(TIPS) How to slide into the DM's 😈


because you know how to fold a origami…


Yeah, I actually do it has been useful for me many times.


My dude is smooth.


I don’t even need to slide in. Followers slide into my DMs for me. Met up with several, and have plans to meet several more lol.


I had a sound cloud rapper that I used to manage, he had me automate his DM’s for this reason.


Haha pretty cool method mate! Question is… how do you know these girls are of a certain age?


Okay, Im gonna drop another one:

You should check out the names of the model agencies in your town and subscribe to their hashtags. All the models will take pictures and use the hashtag of their agencies when they post. Therefore in your feed all the beautiful models of your area will appear - which is a nice pre-selection.


See, now I’m just depressed. Where I live is so brutal that modelling agencies don’t even exist. :joy:


Maybe thats a market niche and you should open one? :rofl::thinking:


I don’t think many 80 year olds would be looking to start modelling. :stuck_out_tongue:



Actually, it’s a thing:
Fashion industry recognised that it’s oldest customers have the most money to spend.




I’ll give you two thumbs up.


it makes me feel weird inside i can’t stand looking at it.


Someone was asking for viral posts, here we go…
Though, what can it be useful for?


Reddit bots are great for viral posts.


Thank you for that nice time reading your comments, guys. I’m not single but if she gets rid of me, I know exactly what to do now.

That said, I love the direct approach but it seems very short for a good spintaxing.
What’s the work around then? Sending less DMs?


Thanks! I actually never automated it - just sent some variation of this manually if I was truly interested, but I am curious about using something like this with good spintaxing with @Omni’s methond :joy: