(TIPS) How to slide into the DM's 😈


What’s worked for me is replying to insta stories multiple times throughout the week instead of a single direct message.

“Converts” well over time :stuck_out_tongue:


I only sent DM’s to new followers, it was from my personal so the dm count wen’t from 50-80+ per day


So I when I tried this i only sen’t to girls with greek letters in their bio and from local locations pages etc. If a girl has greek letters in her bio means she’s in college ie around my age


I definitely agree that this works well too - probably better than anything else actually


Matched with a girl on tinder the other day who recognized me from IG. Mama we made it.


get them before they’re bit by the ‘like bug’ and become narcissistic creatures themselves lol


I wonder what that KPI is called :laughing:

but no seriously the new story reaction feature is gold. it always helps if you have a couple thousand followers and can take good pictures too. ig girls LOVE hanging out with photographers who can get them new free content :rofl:


Me on the first few posts: Wow, well this is basic stuff, but I guess it works, I’ll just stick to that…
Me after reading more comments: Wow I guess that PUA Sinn eBook thread actually caught some traction haha also you want me to cut out an origami rose that says “we matched on Tinder” for you?


Honestly sliding a dm requires really minimal sentences, you could slide in saying: “hey I think you’re pretty cute” but what really matters is your profile. The clout you have on Instagram directly determines the chance of response as people usually directly go to your profile if they read a message.

Gotta be good looking or have some good substance on your account my homies