(TIPS) How to slide into the DM's 😈


This is a brilliant idea. Thank you OP for your share.


I just send the tip, then we smash. You guys are doing something wrong.


Lmao :sweat_smile: I could never do this, if I sent that I would cringe until I melted on the floor.


Almost every girl I’ve EVER talked to, that a guy has done that, instantly has ALWAYS told me they find it incredibly creepy and desperate lol


you talk to girls?


Well, I feel like the really great moves always make some people appalled, while they work extremely well on others. However I try to mitigate the risk factor of someone cringing over the first pickup line by sending a giphy with a sad dog that has a rose in his mouth afterwards. Usually I get the ones who didn´t like the first pick up line with the second one, because it is prepared for the ones who didnt like the first line.

Oh I also want to share my opener for the real life:

I stand next to the girl pull out my phone and say: “Hey Siri, how do I get the phone number of the cute girl next to me?”


Haha… that ice breaker is smooth fam! Gonna try it soon.


I would highly recommend against this unless your balls are made out of titanium :joy:


Ohw damn, looks like my ball rolled into your DM’s


Mine are. 13 Chars



If that’s the case, then go for it.


Reply to stories not just random DM, gives you something to lead off of instead of “hey I like your content” a bit weird.

Regardless sliding in the DMs is all about being confident and funny :man_shrugging:t3:


Tell her that you think you saw her on a dating app.

If she’s not single she will correct you - better than any Jarvee filter :wink:


I legit just slide in dms saying “make out with me” or “be my girlfriend”

i feel like its different for everyone and what your comfortable with saying and if you know how to carry the conversation from point A to point B everyone has different starting points but we all have the same goal in mind


bold move cotton


and which is the goal ? muhaha


getting lucky


This is the best thing I have read all month! :joy:


Bruh the quality ones are the ones that have only a couple hundred lol