Tips to survive Automation

With certain programs not available anymore or hard to get it may seem daunting so here is some help. (do not comment any names to keep this thread in open forum).

  1. Decide what you want to do. Do you want to grow your own account, do you want to grow clients? Make sales? Make people famous?

  2. Next you have to decide what program or service to use. This can be hard as most of the great programs are not exactly public information so you will have to do some searching.

If you plan on outsourcing your services to another provider then be sure to ask questions and see testimonials. Do not choose someone because they are cheap, this will usually backfire.

  1. If you are going to learn a program I suggest you have some money to burn. You will need to do a lot of testing in order to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. No one is going to hand you all the information to make heaps of money. You have to earn it.

  2. Do not scale fast. You want to be able to control the number of accounts you are running. Start small and perfect the technique with 5 accounts or clients, then 10, 50, 100 etc. Don’t jump from 5 to 100 and crash yourself out.

  3. Plan for the worst. Crazy stuff happens on all social media and you have to be ready. Otherwise you will not survive. If you are planning for what may happen then you will be well prepared for when things go bad. This way you are always 1 step ahead.

  4. Don’t stress. The first few years of doing this I let it get to me. I used my stress to work harder and faster. But in march this year I got covid and it crushed me. I am still having a lot of health issues from it now. I let my mind and body take on too much and covid made me realize that. The worst thing that can happen is you find a new job so take it easy!

If at any time things get too hard. Maybe think about outsourcing some of your work to more experienced people.

Remember to not stress so much. This is the main rule I want you to follow and that I wish I did from the start!


Great tips man! One of the best guys here!


Thanks man!!!

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Thanks for your effort. Useful stuff. :muscle:

If you have any questions. Leave them guys

Great suggestions @heroeslair

Thank you for taking the time to pass down some wisdom :heart:

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Thanks for the praise!

Some great tips. Another tip to add would be spread out your income sources and don’t rely 100% on automation on Instagram. Or at least automate other platforms as well so you have some diversification.

Because when shit hits the fan with Instagram and that is your only income source it can feel like everything is ruined and its over and it really stresses you out.


Yeah man. Totally agree with you there. Multiple avenues of income!


In addition to that, what works for some clients may not work for you, and vice versa. It’s really a matter of testing with different settings to know which specifically works best for your setup.


Totally agree. I know some people doing crazy as things with success and when I tried it didn’t work.

Everything needs to be exactly the same to replicate people. Proxies, accounts, actions etc.


You’re the best, bro! Thanks for your tips!

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No worries man. Leave any questions if you have any.

And even with the same proxies, accounts, settings… you’re still not guaranteed the same results as the next person.

Some people are under the impression that, if you replicate everything step-by-step, that you are guaranteed the same results they got… that’s not accurate.


Yeah. Thats very true! Thanks for your input.

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Piggy backing on that, have the patience if your results aren’t exactly what you hoped.

Early days (pre- June 2019 update), I was scaling results ACROSS accounts for my setup with ease.

Today, each new account I add to the mix comes with its own predetermined season.

2 accounts made at the same time, doing similar things can significantly grow at 2 different rates: 1 going viral, the other not making it for at least a year.

Doing everything right on your end won’t necessarily mean everything will go right. Let the platform do its thing, and find something else to do in the meantime while you run your strategy in automation (IF you can)


Lessons from my failures in the past

  1. Never over do actions just because the tool is working like a charm. Never! Accounts get like and follow blocks in the subsequent days and the blocks will become more frequent once marked. We end up losing a slave account that we would have built over a few days/weeks by then already and we have to start over again. And new slaves = almost 0 followers on them = low quality followers that we gain

  2. Keep the number of operations to the minimum. Assuming that you want to do 200 follows a day, do not assume that doing 10 follows every hour will keep your account safe. On the contrary, your account will be safer if the operations are just 2 or even one if you are experienced enough and do 100 follows in one go and rest the account, rest of the time. This is how a normal human being would behave. Same with all the other tools. I am assuming that this will be true for all other platforms as well, but it certainly is true for Instagram. (200 is a high figure and 100 per operation is a high number as well per operation. These are done after a week of automating the slave already and should just be seen as figures used to explain the process)

  3. Do not just repost the images/posts from the main account. Always edit the image before posting, so that they are not marked as repetitive content. It will help to gain followers on the slaves naturally as well.


Great tips and value. Thanks!

Definitely agree!