TLD ideas for a non-profit brand

Hey all.

Decided to use my instagram talents to start an ocean conservation(let me know if any of you want to help on this project) non-profit. Essentially it’s a brand that sells branded towels, sandals, shirts, etc(beach attire) and donates the profits towards ocean conservation. I’m having trouble coming up with a good domain name.

I’ve got a few ideas for the name of the brand/company itself, but not sure on a domain. The name is going to be a latin word related to the ocean but haven’t decided yet.

Just not sure what the best practice for a domain name would be for this.

I was thinking "name" or "name"

Any thoughts on this?


You should fine or namebrand.project

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watch the video, a lot of good stuff


Great share, thanks!

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It would be good to come up with some kind of name that describes an ocean/beach lifestyle. With clothing you’re selling a lifestyle, not clothes. Think Billabong (surfing), salt life (deep sea fishing and beach life), etc. in your case you could put some kind of conservation twist on that beach lifestyle angle.


Thanks for the suggestions! Open to any help and suggestions.

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