Together Price for Social Media

Hey guys,

I am starting to work into the Social Media world and need to buy/subscribe many tools, softwares, proxies and so forth. Does someone of you would like to share services? Could we join forces and spend less money? Do you know of any already existing service like that? I know, for example, TOGETHER PRICE, but it seems more adapt to very popular services. What do you think?

Jarvee just went a bit underground so getting this will be harder than ever. There is however a lot of great public marketplace sellers with hundreds of reviews - that means they are well used and reliable.


You should be more specific describing what you’re exactly are trying to do. Without more info it’s difficult to suggest anything. But you can start by taking a look at the public marketplace.

Basically, I want to subscribe a 150 accounts subscription with Jarvee, but divide the costs and the advantages. Even work on it with someone that already knows Jarvee, so that we can also exchange some knowledge on it.

Do you mean reviews about Jarvee or what else?

No. This is meant for proxies, scraper accounts and other. JV cannot give you a subscription anymore unfortunately

Will Jarvee no longer be available?

No, unfortunately this was the end of Jarvee…