Top hashtags are all hidden

EDIT: They’re back, but I wouldn’t mind getting to the bottom of what just happened! Has anyone else experienced this?

Hey folks.

I’m getting every single top hashtag coming up as hidden with the line:

Desktop: ‘Top posts from # [insert hashtag] are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s community guideline [Learn more]’


App: ‘To make sure only the most relevant posts are shown, we’ve hidden some posts that may be private or low quality’

Doesn’t matter what the hashtag is, what the niche is, or whether I’m searching for the hashtag or clicking on it, it’s all blocked on desktop and mobile app.

Any ideas if this is a bug or something else?

I can’t search for hashtags either; I plug something in to the search bar and it just comes up as ‘no results’

This is weird, could have been some sort of bug or error on IGs side. I have not experienced anything tho.

Kinda reminded me of this: When the Coffee Hashtag Gets Banned on Instagram

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Good times, Jay… What’s happening on Instagram these days?

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I’ve seen other IG users on reddit have the same issue.
Reporting the issue to Instagram from the IG app seems to be the only solution:
Account Settings > Help > Report a problem > Attach a screenshot of the message.

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Good times indeed.
Maybe the Reels features messed up some things, who knows ^^

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