Transparency, Transparency, Transparency - Fb & Twitter updates

So Facebook and Twitter have finally come through on their promises to have more transparency in advertising with both their ad transparency features being released one after the other this week.

You can just go to any page, and click on “Info and Ads” to see what ads the page is running, even if you’re not targeted by it:

These guys have made it even simpler.
Just navigate to and type in your competitor’s name on the top right search area and voila!

Goodbye shitty, unreliable 3rd party tools, and hello transparency!


Omg this is gold!! Better hop on and scrape as much as we can while this is up :heart_eyes:


A shame it works only for the last 7 days though…

Knowing the IM community… it’s not gonna be long before someone makes an efficient scraper for this.


That’s actually very true :slight_smile:


This is awesome, scraping while I can! Thanks for sharing :heart_eyes:

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Stalk away, mate! :wink:

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Tried it while being logged out and a bunch of accounts didn’t show any data, do you know if being logged in to a Twitter account is required to make it work?

As far as I know, you don’t need to be logged into Twitter to see the ads. You will automatically see all ads, irrespective of geography, language or targeting using the tool.

The simple explanation is ether a) no ads on the accounts or b) since it was launched only a couple of days back, it’s still glitchy, and will be fixed soon.

Twitter has been promising this transparency center from October 2017, then kept postponing the launch every month until they gave us a hard date of “25 June 2018”, and finally releasing on 29 June. So I would not be surprised at all if it’s super buggy.

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