Travel/vacation time


Hey guys, let’s see where are you going this year :sunglasses:

  1. Where are you traveling this summer?
  2. How long are you staying?
  3. What’s your favorite place you been so far?
  4. Where would you like to live and why?

1 I am probably going to visit Sicily next month, anything special I should visit? :smiley:
2 Staying like 2 weeks, I don’t know if that’s enough to see the whole Sicily but we will see
3 Havana, Cuba. Something really special
4 Planning trip to Bali, and stay there for at least 6 months, and if I like it maybe even move there, it’s really cheap, beautiful and no stress except when Instagram makes new updates lol

Have a great summer guys !! :fire::fire::ocean:


I visit Egypt at least 2 times a year. For a small budget of $400 i get treated like a king for 9 days and the sea is stunning.:sunglasses:


Nice, I will put that on my list for sure :smiley:


I always choose between the seaside palaces near Hurghada. I have yet to find a place where the price/quality rate is higher. The only thing I don’t like is that egyptians don’t know how to make desserts. Every desserts tastes the same and are too sweet.


Sounds like you got some awesome travels planned @zole

You should share it on this thread so folks can more easily connect with you :blush:


What do you tell your customers when you leave for 2 weeks?


Just checked it, it looks awesome, friend told me it’s really cheap there also


Yea, this year I went to Spain, Cuba, Hong Kong, and Seoul. One or two travels more this year for sure :smiley: Thanks, will check that also


Normally I never take like 100% vacation, I travel but I also work while I travel, but working as minimum as I can, like 1-3 hours daily maximum. Didn’t take full day off for last 2 years, it’s always something you need to do haha, but at least I work for myself and I really enjoy it :slight_smile:


Why would you leave? You bring your phone/laptop with you. You just work less but you can still reply to their messages/emails.


Yes exactly what I am doing, just bring the laptop to the beach and work with booty view and cocktails hahah


I’d say Bali is overrated, I’d check other similar places like the Philippines, Vietnam, even other parts of Indonesia! Also South/Central America are great for a similar experience without the same amount of tourists.

Then again it’s great for networking because there are a lot of nomads there.


Yes I heard there’s a lot of nomads there, that’s one of the biggest pluses, connecting with people that are doing simillar job can only bring me more business and you can always learn something new


May I asl why it’s so cheap? Cuz I really like Egypt and Dahab itself - its amazing place for diving.
We usually arrive in Egypt twice per year, but the price for us much higher.


  • Where are you traveling this summer?
    Ubud, Bali

  • How long are you staying?
    No idea, few weeks to a few months

  • What’s your favorite place you been so far?
    Everywhere, they’re all great for different reasons… I’ll just say New Zealand(south island)

  • Where would you like to live and why?
    Moving from Australia to either Antalya or Bodrum


We only travel there with bundle purchase. This includes plane tickets (which is most of the cost) transportation from the airport, and the hotel.

You should consult with local travel agencies to get a good deal.


Pro tip: The prices and the weather are perfect at around winter. European people go on vacation in summer.


Anything about Luxor in Egypt? I was checking that place, rent there is really crazy cheap, you can get whole Villa with private pool for like $400-500 monthly :joy:
I don’t know how good city is, but I would go there on a few months and work from there, you woke up with a great view of Nile, and then move to the pool every morning, perfect.