Tripadvisor - the new Instagram for travel bloggers?

Hey guys,

has anyone of you already taken notice of the changes tripadvisor did to its platform? It’s basically a social media network now. You can follow profiles and build a community. It has a similar look and feel like Instagram.

Any ideas on how to use that already?

If you have’t seen it go check it out. It’s pretty interesting and might be an opportunity for some of us here.


It pretty cool isn’t it. But it has one major difference, that you level up depending on the number of reviews you post.

Which means it’s a pretty good time to start making some profiles and writing reviews but hey don’t forget to use proxies if you do that or they will figure out that they are all coming from the same IP pretty fast and delete them.

But what is the advantage in leveling up exactly?

And yes, it’s pretty cool. Functionality wise it would even be possible to do f/uf or likes but I doubt there is a tool that can automate this at the moment.

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Well TripAdvisor is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a business.

But if a business has few reviews and then gets 10 great reviews from new users. That is a red flag and they will tag that page for fake reviews.

Okay, that makes sense!

What do you think of the chances for tripadvisor becoming an influencer platform? I guess this would open up many new opportunities.

I don’t think it will become an “influencer platform”. There is a lot to the ranking algo and ways to stay undetected are harder than simply using proxies.

The hardest to remove reviews are well thought out, have believable profiles, connect to legit FB accounts that have similar profiles etc.

I am currently looking at the new changes and the best ways to implement policies and reviews around the changes.

The biggest “influencers” on Trip Advisor have very few followers.

I have a review account that I have to be very careful with, but it has consistent top 3% of TripAdvisor rankings and reviews. It has a ton of “helpful” tags as well. I need to buy some old FB accounts and make them look real.

Really what I need is access to new resi or mobile IP’s from different areas of the country that allow T/A on them. Thats the most expensive part.


Could you give an example for that?

Do you sell trip advisor reviews?

There are plenty of googleable “hacks” out there. Some of them are very old and no longer work.

You have to be careful about the verbiage you use, the profile pic you choose etc.

For the actual rankings, they have to be consistent ( how often you receive them and their rank) in order to move up the algorithm and rankings.

It took a long time, but we just hit top ten with 1/8 the rankings of our competitors who paid for reviews and had family write them. They spend thousands per month on google and Fb ads, and they have a strong push to get people to write reviews. That might backfire on them soon though as we have seen what they use to get reviews. We had the majority of fake reviews removed (over 15) from our competitor who tried to steal ideas from us, and and our biggest competitor is still #1. Supposedly TA has altered their algo to reflect the false reviews but I don’t believe it yet. We see ourselves in the number 1 spot by end of February if we stay on track.

In a nutshell, you need a lot of reviews from varied IPs and PCs/mobile devices, all of them need to be consistent and have the occasional high praise/ over the top and unique photos if you are going to try to manipulate the rankings.

There’s a lot more to it. For our first 15 reviews I made them high quality and not one has been removed or flagged.

We are over 40% more expensive than our nearest competitor and the reviews are what allow us to have our price point.

Also, no, I do not sell TA reviews. Not because it’s illegal, but because people from the forum would simply copy pasta what I do. Sorry, not sorry.

There is no limit as to what you can do. And how you can do it. You can also choose an alternate and easier site to gain reviews on. Trust Pilot is particularly easy to rank on.


I wouldn’t focus on the overall amount of fake reviews, just make enough to get them going and pepper a few in when it’s slow. Focus more on branding and using TA like a brand to increase awareness and trust. I see Gopro etc have already been hitting the site hard.



I get that business-wise atm tripadvisor is more for businesses being present on the platform to promote themself and drive traffic to their website. BUT I do see some potential with their new changes to establish (at least a niche of) influencers as well. Basically this is what they are after with the social approach. Following profiles, getting recommendations etc. You can even link out to your blog if you have one.

Obviously the numbers of followers for influencers are low at the moment - but that is because they only have it online for some weeks now.

If you ask me we get a new platform to play with (and sell) to potential clients in the travel influencer space. They can promote it to partners on their end (“I will recommend your place at tripadvisor”) which is another source for traffic besides hitting the top lists on search / reccomendations for them.

And the good part is: Nobody is big yet - which means there is a chance to get an advantage over time because the first ones starting to grow will be some of the biggest on the platform once the it is established. I think chances are quite high that engagement on tripadvisor will increase in the time to come.

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