Tripadvisor - What could be improved in their Social Media Communication?


What do you think about the new social media platform of Tripadvisor, that was relaunched in 2018?

What strategies can you suggest to get more users? And what strategies could Tripadvisor follow to get the current users more engaged?

How could it change its social media communication?

Do you work for or with the company?

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I have to do an assignment for university and I am looking for some ideas.

Got you @Mara_Gschnell , it was an oddly specific question about a public company so I was just curious!

I did not have a chance to glance at all the companies socials, but I did check Twitter.

I just personally feel like they could really improve on targeting a specific audience with a certain campaign-- wether that be through Facebook ads or just all social content as a whole.

What I mean by this is, that even Amazon for example really has been targeting students & even offers things like cheaper prime membership & Amazon music benefits for students.

Trip Advisor could already do something similar to this & maybe I am just completely unaware, but surely they could pick a key objective audience such as college students or even business people that travel regularly. From what I gathered they offer only 1 membership that is about $90 USD yr & only offer a $10 discount for students.

Maybe like a Trip Advisor prime membership for traveling businessman & women or even students that study away from home & travel back & forth.

So how does my suggestion correlate to social media marketing? I suggest they find a key target audience & really push social content & ads to that objective as I feel right now their Twitter content is very broad & not very targeted.