Trouble logging into Instagram app

I’m having troubling logging into the Instagram app. Once I put in my information, it comes up as “sorry there was a problem with your request”. Have anyone experienced this problem and what do I do next. I can log into my account on desktop, but now the app.

Same account as this topic? Question? Who can recover disabled ig account

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Try logging in with Data alone / Wifi alone. See if theres a difference.


Agreed and then we can go from there

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Same account but different topic. I actually have my Instagram account just can’t log into it. Thank you

Okay thank you I will try that

That was why I asked. Makes me wonder if they’re in the process of disabling it again, or if someone might be trying to bruteforce it, resulting in login errors.


Hmmmm idk what’s going on but it’s strange because this never happened. But I can actually log in on the desk top.