Tumblr Hard to gain, any tips?

I’m doing ok Instagram/ Twitter… but Tumblr seems real had to get followers, any tips out there?

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It is

I just see it as a tool to help with search rankings and brand awareness. Its a beast to grow

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Thanks, also trying to get followers.

Speaking of content and distribution, how would you go about tumblr when you already have a good amount of content?

Is it better to create new content if the aim is to help my search rankings and raise awarness or can I simply distribute existing content?

I have tried both sorts of octet, reposition and new.

Again, I just don’t think tumblr is worth the effort. I post all the same stuff there as elsewhere and it doesnt bring a return.

it helps me and what I am doing being it brings awareness to the cause and keeps our effort high in google search, but that is about it.

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What niche are you in?

i am an artist. I post on my instagram that automaticly posts it on tumblr. I realised its hard to grow on Tumblr, i just do it because its a click of my time. Dont think it really brings any results though

Distribution never grew a lot of accounts…