[TUTORIAL] Using mobile network for botting

Everyone around here and bhw and everywhere else, likes to search cheap 3G proxies, cheap LTE proxies, cheap VPS, cheap bot, or even give up the LTE proxies because they aren’t cheap, and get cheap proxies instead and got banhammer. What did you expect?

I’m here, using GMT2 on my home PC, and mobile internet connection. What you’ll need?

  1. Cheap PC with loads of RAM. There are a lot of i3, i5, or even i7 on used markets. Remember, you’re making botting PC, not gaming PC. I use Microsoft Surface Pro 1 with broken touchscreen.
  2. SSD if you can afford. if not, just grab 32GB/64GB flash drive, and install Windows To Go on it, using rufus.
  3. Cheap Android phone, that supports LTE (or 3G if your data plan isn’t split between 3G/4G. Indonesian internet sux). I’m using Smartfren Andromax Prime (which I got for $8), and my own phone Xiaomi Mi A1. More on that later. Make sure they are rooted.

Now, on GMT2, DO NOT USE any proxies. Leave it alone without any proxy on your computer.

Next, you’ll need to install ADB on your botting PC. You could get one from XDA Developers here : https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979
For me, version 1.3 works the best. IDK why.

Next, you would need this batch file. https://pastebin.com/AZBd3J8J
You need to copy them, save them as *.bat file, then execute it.

Next, turn on USB tethering from your android device, and disconnect wifi on your computer and your phone (beware, using Wifi while USB tethering on will make your phone works like an external Wifi antenna for your PC!)

TL;DR version : this batch file turns off airplane mode, wait 300s (you can change the timeout on the last line), turns on airplane mode, wait 5s, then go back to the top.
Using this as our intenet connection, you don’t need to supply any proxy anymore since you’re connecting with your mobile device (stupid language : mobile proxy without a proxy). Since it would change IP every 300s, running many accounts would not be dangerous.

You could expand this by using VM, then getting another cheap android phone, connecting the phone directly to the VM and disabling network for the VM (means the network would be completely isolated from host).

EDIT : you could combine this with this thread.

You could create accounts, and when you are done, just go to the batch window, and press any key to just reset the internet connection, give you new IP, you can continue creating accs and it actually add randomness to your Instagram bots!


Please notice that Smartfren Andromax Prime doesn’t allow enabling USB Tethering out of the box, you need something else.

And since this phone only sold on Indonesia, you could PM me in Indonesian and I’ll teach you how to enable USB Tethering through ADB :slight_smile:

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I rather use CCproxy.

awesome thanks for this. wonderful that data isn’t so expensive for you!

Whichever works for you.

But for me, it adds whole another headache, so I decided to just cut that part, dedicate one PC for botting and just cut that PC from my network.

Thank you man!

Bookmarked it for later

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Smartfren uses around $5 a month, with 1GB cap per day or get the speed lowered.

My another phone (Mi A1) have another ISP (XL) with midnight package of $1 for 14GB, 00:00 to 06.00. so at midnight, I just change my phone.

Nice share, I did the same with my old, Broken screen laptop, I bought a 128gb ssd from Ali for 20 bucks and it was a good alternative for the vps.
For scaling the proxy I would use the dongles tho

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Nice share, looks like an easy way to get a good quality setup.

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Nice share. Copied the whole text for safety reasons :wink: will read it when i wake up

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ribet amet bro… ini mah tinggal di set tethering aja dr HP lo ke laptop/pc, napa msti download adb2 an segala… plus ini jg terbatas ga bisa running ratusan akun dengan cara ini

it’s good to run 5-10 accounts max, but you can’t do hundreds


kalau ga pake adb, ga bisa ganti IP tiap 300 detik om, ini intinya juga.

bisa kok ratusan akun. yang penting pinter pinteran di max operations sama batch script tadi.

iya rugi di waktu karena ga bisa running simulatenously ,harus di gilir

ane udah ada solusi jadiin 3g/4g LTE jadi proxy supaya bisa di akses di VPS

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disini 100 akun adem adem aja kok. gak giliran, sekaligus semua. max operations di 500.

sebenarnya bisa aja hape tuh dijadiin proxy lewat VPS, dan ane juga sebenarnya udah ketemu caranya. tapi kadang lelet.
yaudah deh ane daripada sakit kepala giniin aja beres :smiley: wkwkwkkw

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Lets keep this in english guys.


I wish I spoke nerd. I’d really love to be able to do this.

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Looks like the perfect plan if you run no more than 10-20 accs, wouldn’t do it for more tbh…
In my country the data needed would be more expensive than getting 10 mobile proxies haha…

I run around 100 accounts rn and its running fine.

which part of it you don’t understand?