Twitter Account goes Viral once everyday but follows 0 people

Does anyone understand how this account works?

They follow nobody and RT random tweets all day then make the same tweet every day featuring a product that goes viral. (see tweet below)

Does anybody know how this works or want to shed some light on what is going on here?

yes, I have checked the profile something is sketchy there, there are multiple videos of the same product (stuffed animal) that got an interesting amount of engagement maybe they are faking it somehow…

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they are able to drive a ton of traffic. I am just not sure how they are able to get real followers on this account and create that viral sensation video

I couldn`t see the viral video; maybe it’s been removed!

What I could see is just a load of fake retweets and likes!

Just search for an SMM Panel - but a warning fake users do not buy!!

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Yes a lot of their videos have been removed but they are still posting the same video :grin:


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if you look at their profile (@ juliamitchell24 ) you will see it. they post it every single day. The thing is i saw it on my feed and i do not follow any bots or anything like that. So somehow they are getting people to RT it onto their feeds casuing it to go virla and because she has a girl profile picture people follow her or the followers are fake. That is my theory

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im aware how Panels work i think your missing the point. A real person who i follow RT’d the tweet.

So clealry fake accounts arent RT’ing the tweet when it has 0 RTs.

Real people are seeing this persons tweets.

I dont know how since they have 0 followers.

It makes no sense how they are going viral and getting real RTs from people unless a bigger account is RTing them

what panel is this?

Oh god how stupid can some people be. Have you ever heard of tweetdecking?

Large accounts create these fake profiles and advertise products.

They then retweet these videos/links in order to sell. If you look at the replies you can see some of them are replying to large pages like or or smh


so my hypothesis is correct? Personally ive never heard of tweetdecking, but all the account is doing is getting RTs from bigger accounts correct? do you know is this is at all profitable or how to get a big account like the ones you tagged?

silly me :flushed:

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It’s very profitable I wont’ reveal how it’s done. Some of them have millions of followers and are roughly netting $15k daily. But it’s split between 8-10 account. A few people own majority of the share or share accounts.

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yea i mean it just seems like M/s. is there anyway you can explain more?

Looks to me they just using bigger accounts to RT the smaller ones.

Is there actually more to it then that? I dont understand how there could be.

The only issue im having is how to get a huge account in the first place.

Can you just buy one huge account? or are you buying shout outs all the time until you get to that huge account then you make more?

These are the ways im about to try, but if you know more and want to save me money and time it would be greatly appreciated sir

Looks like their account has been restricted, might be a risky method!

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That’s why it’s done on external accounts. That way they can avoid suspension.


So from what I understand the main (big accounts) retweets the smaller account`s marketing tweets - so shout-outs.

This gives the small accounts tweets authority meaning it appears on more feeds getting more impressions.

Is that the method or is there more to it?

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im wondering the same thing man. It seems pretty easy to do M/s on twitter if thats all it takes.

M/S would be the other way around - lots of smaller accounts retweeting etc the main account.

This method is big accounts retweeting - promotional tweets from smaller accounts - ‘Twitter Shout Outs’ all you need is the access to the bigger accounts. You might want to search Twitter Shout Outs

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I made an account here at MP Social to reply directly to this post.

(not to mention I’ve actually been meaning to make an account for a little over a year lol)

I wanted to say I come from this community you talk about and wanted to clear some things up in this post. There is no M/s method on Twit. It’s simply using other accounts to promote products. You can start an acc at 0 followers and RT it off some big accounts to get 100k+ views right? This is what is done.

I also wanted to clear up info about how much money is made doing this. Let me tell you it is no where near $15k daily. Back in the day (2016) it was about $15k daily if you were pushing about 30-50m imps (impressions) and had a hot product and ran the store yourself. Twit does not convert a lot as a platform (it’s a crowded newspaper) so when we’re talking a few 100k views we’re not talking about $15k lol. Instead we are talking about probably 1m imps making maybe $200. Again depends on product and store. Yes this is with a USA tier 1 audience. Twitter’s age group has drastically shifted from 2016 (where many 18-24 year olds where on it). Now it is an older demographic that is not as easy to sell to.

Hope this info helps. If you have any questions you can PM directly.